SOTA QSL cards

Many of the QSL cards I have recently received have been beautiful designs with a SOTA theme. I have made a gallery of these SOTA-inspired QSL cards on my website at

Click on “SOTA” on the left menu, then click the link for “SOTA themed QSL cards”.

Many thanks to all who have gone to the trouble of designing a special QSL card for SOTA. They are the favourites in my collection. I will keep these in a separate folder for display at rallies etc.



In reply to M1EYP:
Nice collection Tom.
Glad to see our own card.
73 Viktor HA5LV

In reply to M1EYP:

Hi Tom,

glad to be on your “honor-roll” of special QSL-cards.
Hpe cuagn soon, have a nice weekend

Vy73 de Fritz HB9CSA, DL4FDM

Thank you both for your nice cards. I have also used yours Fritz in the banner on my QSL index page.

I have now run out of my own QSL cards (that featured GW/NW-069, GW/NW-056 and G/SP-001). So I will soon be designing a new card, with SOTA images of course.

In the meantime, I have a large pile of QSL cards to send to the Buro, many of which will be going to SOTA chasers and activators.


SOTA design QSL card received from Phil G4OBK - and added to the SOTA QSLs page on my website

Thanks Phil!


Jimmy M0HGY and I have finally designed and printed our new QSL card, so I am now dealing with the backlog. Many SOTA chasers have been waiting a long time for our QSL cards, but they will be going in the Buro (or the post if you sent return postage / SAE) soon.

As I go through sorting out the incoming cards, any more I find with a SOTA theme in the design, will be added to the SOTA QSL cards gallery on … click on “QSL cards” on the left hand side.



Hi Tom
Nice selection of Sota Cards.
Cheers Ken G0FEX

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Hi Tom

More cards were sent last week.

Jim, G3ZQQ.

OK thanks Jim.

Great to work you this morning on the Gun 27-10-3015 1215Z.

Saw you’re getting SOTA themed QSL cards so sent you one where we made S2S a couple of years ago. My QSO summit and the pic summit sadly aren’t the same.

Cheers and have enjoyed reading about your adventures.

VY 73

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Thanks Pete, I’ll look forward to that. Conditions been quite nice to North America on 15m these past couple of hours.

I’ll send you one Tom for the AFS 6M contact the other weekend. I heard some chap working you during the 6m UKAC on Tuesday but couldn’t hear you. Conditions seemed rather awful!

James M0JCQ

Very flat James. Only 67 QSOs made, and only 12 squares - IO64, 70, 80, 81, 82, 83, 84, 91, 92, 93, JO02, 03. No GD, GM or outside UK at all.

I hope you’ve already got mine :blush:
73 de VA2VL (VE2JFM chaser)

Not yet … unless it is in the pile of cards I will be sorting through in the next couple of days.

Now you mention it, it was GI4SNA in IO64 you were working, I called and called him on 10w but nothing came back. Then I heard you struggling to work him and realised the extra journey for me was just not going to make it under those conditions.

“Only” 67 QSOs sounds very good compared to my 29!! I really struggled in a naff location in AL surrounded by QRO monsters, thank goodness for the KX3 filtering :smile:

Sadly bought a ton of QSL cards just as I was getting into SOTA and have no references on mine. Wish I had small (0.5" square) SOTA logo stickers I could put on the appropriate ones. Maybe something for the SOTAshop to consider. Sheets of small sota decals.


Just sorting through some cards tonight, and came across one in Jimmy’s collection, of Rob G4RQJ and Audrey. The card was for the S2S QSO between Jimmy and Rob on Jimmy’s debut SOTA activation back in 2005 - and features a photo of Rob and Audrey taken on their summit just minutes after the QSO.

Somehow it had escaped the SOTA QSL gallery on my website - but not any longer!

BTW, many outgoing QSL cards from us being posted to the Buro tomorrow. Some of you have had a very long wait, but they’re on their way!

More being discovered: One of Phil G4OBK on a Manx summit operating GT7OOO/P and one from Peter ON4UP with a special card for ON/ON-013. Coming to the website very soon…

[Edit: now uploaded onto the site]

Pete WH6LE’s card through the mail today, depicting him on Cold Mountain W4C/CM-008. Added to the SOTA QSL Gallery on

Many thanks Pete, and one coming back your way. There’s a Buro parcel going off today or tomorrow, or I can send it direct if you need it more urgently.