Hi all,
home now again ( wet and cold, but ok :slight_smile: )
sorry all who missed me on DM/BW-085 today. the rain cames stronger and also the wind , so i stopped the activation after a few last calls on 40m-cw. think in the next months there isn´t the time of long activations due to autum/winter-season.
also now comes the time with not so many activations on hf ( ? ) , due to cold,wet wx.
today i started a first test with new outdoor (sota) clothes, and these seems ok :wink:
and also the season comes in that my gsm-mobile mostly dosen´t work , due to the cold accu in it. after a few minutes voltage drops down and so i can´t spotlite.
so i will fix my qrg´s to first call on
after that 7118-ssb ( or 7098-ssb by bc-qrm )
the 10118-cw,14.330-ssb and 3558-cw.
most times i come back to 7032-cw for last calls.
7032-cw is the best start frequency , somebody is there everytime to put a spot in sotawatch.
all qrg´s plus-minus qrm

vy 73 Klaus DF2GN

In reply to DF2GN:

Fine Klaus and many thanks for all those SOTA expeditions during the summer months. Your strong signals and use of many bands and modes are much appreciated.

If you can post an Alert from home the day before the activation then we shall know to be looking for you around 7.032 and you can be sure that one of your regular chasers will then spot all your QSY’s, especially if your GSM is not working.

73 Roy