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SOTA Publicity Video


I hope that you enjoy the new SOTA publicity video:





In reply to G3CWI:
hhhhhhhmmmmmmmmmmmm very interesting!!! Portraits the serene and tranquil way of life that is SOTA lol



In reply to GM4CFS:

We are all part of a caring community after all!




In reply to G3CWI:
That point is very true :-))


In reply to G3CWI:
Hi Ric, the music,s too repetative,+it made me fall asleep Hi,Geoff,


In reply to G4CPA:

We will go for Metallica next time!


In reply to G3CWI:
Do you think the BIO TUNER will cover 5Mhz Ric ? GEOFF.


In reply to G3CWI:

I damn near wet myself with laughter watching that video, hi, I thought it was a genuine sota promo until the “put you to sleep” music kicked in.



I thought perhaps it was an advert for some bowel movement medicine…
Mind you they have stolen our name and the whole caring, sharing, togetherness of SOTA! Perhaps the management team should sue.


Ahhhhh bless

My wife asked me " why on earth are you on that computer if it’s makes you cry??" :slight_smile:



In reply to GW3BV:
“DISCOVERING YOUR NEXT STEP” Yes that’s me coming down from Kinder Scout.


In reply to ON3WAB:

The MT likes to bring a little sunshine into people’s lives. We need it here!