SOTA Publicity at Wyong Field Day

Although not as big as Dayton or Friedrichshafen Hamfests or probably several Radio Rallies in the UK, The CCARC Field Day at Wyong is the largest gathering of radio amateurs each year in Australia (or actually the southern hemisphere, unless South Africa can now challenge this?) - we are expecting around 1500 attendees in a weeks time (February 23rd), so as you can see, not an enormous event but this long running event has two connections to SOTA this year.

Andrew VK2UH and Andrew VK1NAM (yes it is a requirement to be called Andrew to operate SOTA in VK - there are several more Andrews taking part) - will give a lecture covering Summits on the Air to those who haven’t heard about it yet (and undoubtedly to several who have). In addition to this there will also be an information stand for SOTA for the whole time the Field Day is open.

I’m glad to report that SOTA is one part of the AR hobby that is booming at the moment, here “down under”.


note: in Australia a “Field Day” as well as possibly being a contest can also be the same as a “Hamfest” or “Radio Rally” - which is the case here.