Sota psk31?

Is anybody playing PSK31/Data modes whilst SOTA activating? If so what equipment are you using please? I dont fancy carting a wide screen laptop with me!



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Yes if I had time after the CW pile-up. It is a slow mode though, but with some patience you can make QSOs. Most of the digi operators are not aware of SOTA, so they will ask your name, locator etc that are normally exchanged in digi QSOs. It helps to mention the SOTA reference with altitude in the CQ already.


73, Jaakko OH7BF/F5VGL

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I have done in the past. I use an eeePC701 with homebrew interface and my FT817.
I’ve taken the gear on a few summits but only had successful QSOs on one, Beinn Each last May. The biggest problem is that the gear weighs an extra 1kg. The winter is normally too cold to operate without gloves and I can’t type in gloves. Last Saturday it was -10C in the windchill.



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Hi Tim,

A while ago I found PocketDigi, a PSK31 software for PDA by Vojtech, OK1IAK. You can download it from the web site of Pat, N0HR:

You need a PDA with line-in or microphone connector. Pat, N0HR, gives suggestions for proper models on his web site:

But I didn’t check it out by myself up to now.

73 de DL3BC

Thanks all. I am looking into the options for doing this now. Will post my findings in a future thread. it looks like full blown laptop, Linux micro PC, PDA, or stand alone pic powered data interface. If I can extract an old laptop from work may give it a go over Christmas from a “small” one… Thanks. Tim G4YTD