Sota possible at new dizzy hieghts

That suggests if you want to bag some “big-stuff” then Colorado is the place to go. You can go high but it seems doable by more mortal types!

Summits over 5000m:

KLF/DE-001	Denali	          6194
KLF/DE-002	North Peak	  5934
KLA/YA-001	Mount Saint Elias 5489
KLF/DE-003	Mount Foraker	  5304
KLA/VE-001	Mount Bona	  5044

What does that mean ?

It costs a lot of money to buy yourself onto a climb on Everest.

2016 average figures for a guided ascent with Sherpa guide (all inclusive gear, transport, permit etc.) suggest $44000 and $62000 if you want a Western guide.

X10 - unless you’re an astronomer!:wink:


That is trivial compared to the cost of a large-scale DXpedition for DXCC chasers. For example, the budget for the 2014 Amsterdam Island DXpedition (FT5ZM) was $400,000 - not including the cost of operator air fares to Perth and back.

Walt (G3NYY)

X10 Unless you’re an optical astronomer!

Sorry, its just the phrasing used, I am over analyzing sentences at the moment to mean possibly different things. Expense in terms of effort rather than money.

That was $400000 for 14 people or $28500 plus fares to Perth. I can buy a return flight to Perth from Edinburgh for £1100 right now and booking ahead drops that to £700.

Of course you are quite likely to come back alive from FT5 and with the same number of fingers and toes as you left with!

Perhaps this whole thread could be the basis of a question or three about how hard “real” mountain climbing is, for Emil DL8JJ at Friedrichshafen next month? :smiley:

Hello All,
What is all the chat about - have any of you been to Nepal or Bhutan and the mountains?
I have.
Night night.

No but I have been to Termonfeckin.

oiche oiche

I’ve been to Sparkbrook - near enough the same (minus mountains!)


F/AB-001 France Alpes Mont Blanc Mont Blanc 2011/08/02 F/S56CW/P

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