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SOTA Portugal Day(s) a smashing success

Despite adverse weather conditions that led to an extension from the initial date, over 21 Portuguese Summits on The Air references were activated on April, 13th. Close to 40 activators and hundreds of chasers participated in the event that observed the 8th anniversary of the implementation of the SOTA program in Portugal.

Many summit to summit (s2s) contacts were made, in all bands, from HF to SHF, both in analog and digital modes. In particular, it was good to see the participation of the Grupo DMR Portugal and an increase in the numbers of Portuguese stations operating on the 60 meter band.

A participation diploma (PDF, sent via email) is available from the organization for both chasers and activators. To apply, one has to simply have their contacts registered in the SOTA Database and send a photograph of their activities to the organization´s email, at




Team activation at Montejunto CT/ES-001

CT2IXP, CT5ISI and CT2IUV in Valongo CT/DL-003

Full house for the SOTA Portugal annual meeting

According to Pedro, CT1DBS, the registration count for the meet that will take place on May, 11th is very close to the room´s capacity. Even though the enrollment period is still on till the 3rd, some late requests might have to be denied.

The program includes a series of presentations regarding Summits of the Air activities in Portugal, namely a review the program´s statistics, rules, equipment and hands-on tutorials on safety and operating procedures. On Sunday, 12th the meeting will take to local summits for a group activation and lunch.

The event will take place in the city of Santarém with support from the Santarém Municipality (Câmara Municipal de Santarém), the Associação de Radioamadores do Ribatejo (ARR) club and Santarém´s Municipal Fire Brigade.