SOTA Poles in the US

I have some question regarding lightweight collapsible center support poles for dipole wire antennas widely used in Europe for SOTA activities and their availability in the US.

  1. Is fiberglass a superior material for this use by way of functionality or is it just more cost effective?

  2. If fiberglass is a superior material for this use, in what ways is this so? (strength, weight, RF neutrality, etc.)

  3. Where might someone in the US get such fiberglass poles that are 10m in length or so? (I can only find the carbon ones made in Japan and sold by a vendor in New York and some crappie poles that are a maximum on 16 feet)

  4. Why do I often see people on YouTube and other sources carrying 2 such poles with them but only ever see just one erected at any given SOTA summit?

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MFJ sells a 10m pole :-
It works ok, but after a few uses you need to put electrical tape on each section or it will collapse on you.

The Jackite 31’ poles are on ebay …
or from
A lot of people seem to use the Jackite over the MFJ … probably more due to price than anything else.

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Years ago I bought a “Sunny Day Pole” 20+ foot fiberglass pole with friction “locking” sections for use as a vhf mast. Its not a great VHF mast because as you turn it you can loosen the sections and the mast can collapse.

The mast does make a good support for an end fed wire with the other support being a tree or just on the ground. With a tall enough pole (W2VV has one), you can just run an end fed wire straight up.

I picked up my pole from Worldradio, but I don’t think they supply them any more.

As far as the best material goes…I always wondered if there was someone crazy enough out there who might be making a carbon fiber alternative…does anyone know if such a thing exsits?

What videos/pics are you looking at? Post a link here and lets have a look and see what they were doing.


Please take a look at Spiderbeam© High Performance Lightweight Antennas - Fiberglass Poles

The distributor for US is

73, Peter - ON4UP

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The basic problem with the Spiderbeam poles is the clamps and the cost. I have used a Jackite Pole for 4 yrs now. No problems with breakage, strength, or use. I have found from experience that moisture if it freezes makes it nearly impossible to collapse the pole. Also I ordered my Jackite with screw-on end cap connectors for both ends of the pole. It normally comes with one screw-on end cap plus a friction-fit slip-on end cap. Just carrying it can pop off that slip-on end cap (and never to be found again!). You can see a video (at NØB & N6IZ Gaining Altitude - Ham14er Event - YouTube )of an activation of a Coloradio 14er peak where I used the Jackite pole.

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