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Jack GM4COX gets an honourable couple of paragraphs in the latest MARHOFN (Marilyn Hall of Fame News) which arrived today (p18).



This is a really good read for anyone that may be unaware of it. I haven’t seen the 2007 issue yet, as it hasn’t been published to the website. It should appear on sometime soon, and in the meantime the full archive of previous editons is on the site and provides some fascinating reading.

I didn’t realise there was a printed/postal option for the MARHOFN.

In reply to G3CWI:

Well well! You never know where your callsign ‘pops up’. Wonder what it was about? Hope it was nice (;>) Guess I will have to wait till it appears on-line to read it.

Tks for the info Richard.

Keep up the good work.



PS: Off to Jura at the end of the month. First time. Raynet exercise - mountain marathon. Hoping to active a few new ones!!

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While you’re about Jack, do you want me to send the banner up for the Irvine Rally?
Contact me via with address etc

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Surprised you weren’t shown the printing proof Jack before they went to press - it will be interesting to see what they have written.

Re" PS: Off to Jura at the end of the month. First time. Raynet exercise - mountain marathon. Hoping to active a few new ones!!" - I hope you get a better reception from the locals than I did some years ago when I operated from the island. The people on Islay were brilliant and most helpful - their neighbours were at best dour. Perhaps I didn’t meet the right people.

73, Gerald G4OIG

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Hi Tom!

Yes please. That would be great!

Trust you and the lads are doing well?

Cu around


Jack (;>)

In reply to GM4COX:
If I read from this that you are doing a SOTA stand at the Magnum, I’ll be available for some of the time to help out. Also on Jura I will be looking for at least one S2S with each of you & Allan and hopefully more.
jim g(m)0cqk

This is the snippet about GM4COX in the new MARHOFN:

"Christmas Eve 2005, and I’m approaching Craiglee (27B) from Loch Doon Castle. There’s a man cuddling the trig point. Surely not. I’ve heard of people adopting trigs - but love and kisses? No, he’s tying it up with rope. The capture of a late Christmas present? (Did I hear of one offered on eBay as a garden ornament?). Imagine the headlines. TRIGNAPPED!

I refrained from a valiant rescue by sneaking up behind and giving Jack from Law in Lanarkshire a couple of smart slaps with my sweaty headband to see him off. Instead we tied down the guys on his 20-foot extendable aerial (tucked into the rope round the trig) and he unpacked his amateur radio kit. He spoke, partly in code, to South Wales and Yorkshire, amongst others, recording signal strengths, call signs etc. Verifiable contact gains him two points for first transmitting from this hill (the bigger the hill, the more the points). Competitively, Jack is second in Scotland behind Robin of Onich, all under the auspices of SOTA (Summits on the Air). What next? DAJOT (Dance a Jig on a Trig), with awards for height points and artistic merit?"

The full, new, 2007 edition of the MARHOFN (Marilyn Halls of Fame Newsletter) can be accessed via the link below. It is well worth the read.

In reply to M1EYP:

Hi Tom & Gang!

Tks for letting me know what the snippet was about! Interesting publication.

If you would like to see some shots of the activation I have loaded some into Flicker and search under my callsign.

73 es regards


I received my printed paper copy of the MARHOFN today, and it is well worth having in this form for an “armchair read” even if you also access it via the web. An email to the editor will get you a printed copy for free. See