SOTA PA/PA-006 Signaal Imbosch

The weather was lovely. The temperature was about 14 ° C and little wind. So a great day for outdoor radio. SOTA PA / PA-006 is located in PAFF-0019, so that was two birds with one stone. I started at 30 meters and that was a vy good choice. Because even though there was no major CW contest, I had quite a pile-up. Afterwards it is a pity that I did not record it. In less than half an hour I had 42 QSO’s in the log. It was not only the specific SOTA chasers, but also the well-known Flora and Fauna chasers. Even some K-stations in the log. I was able to log a little less at 40 and 20 meters. I kept calling until nothing came back. After 63 connections I stowed everything and went to the car. All in all, I am very pleased with this activation.
Thanks all chasers.

73/44 Tonnie, de PA9CW

Nice activation Tonnie. When I see Imbosch it reminds me of the adventures of “Pim Pandoer de schrik van de Imbosch”. A book I used to read when I was very young :slightly_smiling_face: