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SOTA on Tour 5

Hi Tom, a great report…and very interesting. Loved the photos too.

Cheers: Geoff vk3sq

Cheers Geoff. It was a very different experience of SOTA to the vast majority of my previous 3K+ activations! I know Richard @G3CWI is an advocate of activating by bus, and going back a few years, I recall two chaps Roy G0HDX and Phil G1OPV that used to do this regularly. It’s definitely the most walking I’ve ever done (7 miles) to activate the two IOW summits - and definitely the best day I’ve had activating them.


I’m now thinking I have time to do Kinder Scout G/SP-001. Lools like it will just need a 2m handheld to do the job, which will make life easier at the airport.