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SOTA on Tour 5

I’m still a few weeks away from my next activation, and chasing is proving tricky with the high noise levels on the MV Spirit of Adventure. FT8 - love it or loathe it - is proving to be a mode that allows me to continue my hobby on a daily basis. Most days feature a CW sked attempt with G3CWI but with a less than 25% success rate.

Currently sailing into the Norwegian fjords (heading to Geiranger) and enjoying the spectacular views. I’ve no doubt I’m looking at lots of unactivated SOTA summits!


Nice view Tom which I remember well from my younger days.
Best 73

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Have you seen any Norwegian Blues flying about around there Tom? You don’t see them much back here as they tend to spend all their time pining for the fjords when removed from Norway.


Yes, their popularity outside Norway has waned due to their total lack of movement, as they are pining for the fjords. Their owners all think they are bereft of life.

73 de Martin / HB9GVW, also pining for the fjords and LA-summits