SOTA on Swiss TV

Dear SOTA-friends,

today I have watched the SOTA-film with HB9TNF/p on Swiss TV (channel SF1)
operating from Piz Nair SOTA HB/GR-129 (3056m). (Many tnx Info HB9AAQ!)
Congrats Guido for this excellent film and the fine public relation.

You can find it on the following link (I hope the link works…).
The SOTA-report starts at 05:06

Dont bec confused if you dont understand a word,
it is Romansh ,one of the four national languages of Switzerland, along with German, Italian and French.

Happy New Year and vy73

In reply to DL4FDM:

The link worked fine for me. That’s a long segment the TV station gave Guido and some excellent pictures. Is the TV station that broadcast this regional or transmitted for all of Switzerland? Romansh did sound different, I’ve never heard it before. It sounded like Italian words with a German accent and German words with an Italian accent.

Perhaps the other HB9 activators can confirm that all HB9 summits have no wind and lovely sunny skies during the Winter Bonus? If so, I’m moving. It’s been horrible here in Scotland today! :slight_smile:


In reply to MM0FMF:

Yes Andy,

I was in HB9 last week (without radio…sri).
The wx on summits higher than 1200m was and is just brillant
like on Guidos film.

Vy73 Fritz DL4FDM,HB9CSA

In reply to MM0FMF:

Is the TV station that broadcast this regional or transmitted for all of >Switzerland?

It´s the national TV station like BBC1.

Vy73 Fritz

In reply to DL4FDM:

I understood " Summits on the Air" perfectly :wink:

It looks very nice there ! Really nice to get this kind of TV coverage.


In reply to K1YMI:

Hi Andrew,

congrats on your excellent “Romansh”-language knowledge :wink:

Piz Nair overlooks the village of St.Moritz,
it is a wonderful(and quite expensive)place for holidays.

Vy73 Fritz HB9CSA,DL4FDM