Sota on satellite QO-100

In the last few days I found my portable QO-100 trx in the closet. I want to test it today around lunchtime. Is there anyone qrv on 10/2.4GHz?

Maybe we can arrange to meet again for an S2S. Just as an idea.

73 Chris


Hi Chris,

I could be qrv from at home.
CW or SSB?

Martin DF3MC

Nick G0HIK and Andrew G4VFL have both been QRV on QO-100 for SOTA. You can ping them for scheds etc. on the satellite.


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That’s a very neat set-up, Chris. Have you described it anywhere (even in german is ok)

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Leider erst jetzt gesehen. Eventuell am Freitag morgen. Ich melde mich.
73 Chris

Unfortunately there is no description. I had to replace the SMD TCXO in the Pluto and some capacitors in the cheap 1W Pa from the far east. Unfortunately I no longer have the sources for the values.

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