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Sota on/on-019

Dear SOTA friends,

A new video is on YouTube about sota activation ON/ON-019 with all the QSO’s.

There are also photos on our personal website and flickr. http://www.onl.be/

Direct link:


Cu nxt sota.


In reply to ALL:

If anyone does this activation on the summit ON/ON-019. Pse take certainly a look at the nearby village HUMAIN. There is a Belgian radio astronomie oberservation station The exact details of the street: RUE DE L’OBSERVATOIRE
GPS. 50°11’30.52"N - 5°15’6.02"E
Many years until last year, there was an old German WW2 radar installation on the place. It is now dismantled and moved to a museum.

Nearby is also a BOTA (Belgium On The Air) place ON/SU-114 - 311 M - BORZILEU.You have a beautiful 360 ° view over there.

About the Citroen 2 CV in the woods.
Unbelievable … the car 2 CV should there already for many years. She is completely enclosed by 15 to 20 cm thick trees at least.
I have informed the president of the Belgian 2 CV club.
It is a shame … !!!


In reply to ON6DSL:
Hello Luc,

nice video and audio. It is very interesting to hear my own and Sabina’s voice at your SOTA activation QTH. Your signal was very weak with strong QSB and QRM on the frequency and I am really glad we made the QSOs. HPE CUAGN.

73, Milos S57D

In reply to S57D:

Hi Milos and Sabina,

Yes indeed it was difficult but we made it with contest QRM and QSB.
My Tx ouput power was about 5 W and the pole only 3 m up between the trees … but it works ! (Really QRP may I say)

All frequencies around 7.090 (QRP-QRG) were occupied for contest.
There is almost every weekend a contest.
I am not so happy with that. :frowning: Contest OK … but not every weekend. Last weekend WPX, than SP contest ect … actually a bit too much.

Unfortunately I must go to 7.118 … not so good for our friends who can not transmit in the segment beyond 7100.

I was also QRV on 20m band (14.285 MHz) for about 10-20 min. But nothing to work and hear. Popagation was nil here.

Presumably I think it is all better with Sabina because she was also QRV from the summit.

It is always pleasant to work you and Sabina and of course many others.

Cu nxt SOTA


In reply to ON6DSL:
hello Luc,

Sabina has still the plaster on her leg, so we chose an easy access SOTA location. I hope I will put an activation report today on the internet. I agree with you that there are too much contests and it will be nice to have a contest free segment on every band. We were QRV on 6 bands (7, 14, 50, 70, 144, 433). Propagation on 14MHz was really bad, I made only 2 QSOs in 45 minutes of calling.

73, Milos S57D