Sota on/on-018 + 020

Dear SOTA friends,

A new video is on YouTube about sota activation ON/ON-018 and ON/ON-020.

There are also photos on our personal website.

Direct links:

Cu nxt sota.


In reply to ON6DSL:

Hello Luc,

nice video. Thanks for the new ones… HPE CUAGN!

73, Milos S57D

Also some pictures on:


In reply to ON6DSL:
A very nice video Luc. I see that you have changed form your Alinco to an 817. How do they compare?

In reply to 2W0CYM:

Hi Alun,

Actually the FT817 and QRP antenna equipment is slightly easier to set up and for use on difficult places. If the condx. are good than is QRP (5W) also successful too. The weight of the set up for the alinco DX70 @ 100 W is what high to do long walking distances. For 100 W use … we carry a slab @ 12 V - 26 Ah - 10 kgr. In the future I go use the alinco for our local BOTA (Belgium On The Air) activations. I am also thinking to set up the alinco in the shack because he can transmit from 0 to 30 Mc incl. 6 meters @ 100 watts so I can work in the segment beyond 7.100 for working some sota activators etc., my Kenwood TS 570 D has not that possibility and I would not change him. I prepare it so that it is easy to go / P to.

In fact I bought also the FT817 to use and do some experiments at the (23cm+13cm) 3 cm bands (SSB). We work on it, but that take some time. We are busy with other things on the moment like bilding a new tower with elevator/lift system and a 4 bander 12 element yagi. (15-17-20-40 m bands) but due circumstances (broken finger), these plans as deferred later this year during summertime and after complete recovery broken finger.

About the video: Every time we love to make a video, it requires some work but we do enjoy … actually it’s also a good evidence that we done the expedition(s). I hope that you and the others enjoyed the video and have listen your signals from the two summit places.
The next time we try to process all worked stations in a video.

Untill next time from a Belgian sota place.


In reply to ON6DSL:
I always enjoy your videos Luc and of course all the QSO’s !
I look forward to working you on your next activation and the next video

Graham G3OHC