SOTA ON/ON-010 and ON/ON-013 Video and pictures

Hi dear SOTA friends,

A new video on YouTube from ON6DSL/P activations SOTA ref. ON/ON-010 and ON/ON-013.

Also more pictures on our personal website:

Here the webpages:



73 and 88
Luc ON6DSL and Xyl Annemie

In reply to ON6DSL:

Also pics on the link.

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Hi Luc

Thanks for the great video. It seems strange to hear my voice from the activators side, hi.

vy 73

In reply to GW0DSP:
Hi Mike,

Yes Mike it is strange to hear yourself back from the activator side. I hear also myself in some videos. Sri of the music, but I love flute and pipes.

Annemie the Xyl has done wonderful … she is a wonderful woman !

I regret that I can not make such recording from all the QSO’s. I think the video would be much too long in time. We take here and there a QSO … is ok I hope.


Ps: Thanks for the QSO

In reply to ON6DSL:
great video, Luc :slight_smile: hope to hear you next time.
Best regards to Annemie, too.

73 de Andrej - S53MN