Sota on Giglio Island - Poggio della Pagana I/TO-178

Last weekend I managed to spend a few days on the beautiful Giglio Island with a group of friends. On Sunday morning I took the opportunity to go and activate the only Sota peak on the island, the Poggio della Pagana I/TO-178 with a height of 496 metres. Reaching it was easy, I walked for an hour from the highest village on the island, Giglio Castello and reached the top. On top I found a comfortable bench and installed my fishing rod antenna and laid out my final EFHW wire. The propagation was good and also thanks to the Pota reference (practically the whole island is a natural park) I found several hunters for a total of 27 QSOs. The only problem was the blazing sun which after half an hour of activation convinced me to go down to the village since I was literally cooking, even with my hat on. The view from Poggi was splendid and I want to share with you the photos of this simple but very pleasant activation in the middle of the sea.

73 Andy IW0HK


Superbe pictures ! Thanks Andrea.
73 - Chris F4WBN


Tnx for your qso !! So nice hear you after the Sota Dinner !!

73 De IW0HK Andrea

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Una bellissima isola! :slight_smile:


Nice to read that I’m not the only activator that runs away from a summit after a short time.
Some happened to me on Sunday in I/AA-189 :laughing:

de in3aqk


Yes… for you too cold …for me too hot :slight_smile:

73 And HK

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