SOTA on 6m

Hello Chasers!

I wonder if (and where) there is an interest in SOTA-Activations on 6m?
(abt. 4000 QSOs in the database)

I just built a 6m portable-moxon and so I would like to know if it makes sense to take it with me on the next activations?

vy 73 de Chris, OE3CHC

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once the Es season starts you should be workable from UK on 6m but it would need a good station to work you on none Es days! If you are on 6m during May or June, I will certainly listen for you. I suspect afternoon activations would be needed for you to work UK Chasers.


Mike G4DDL in IO91

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Hello all

I have tried 6m from a few U.K. Summits, however I have mainly used FM as I would take a Palstar Handheld with me that only worked on 6m FM. I was at the time, doing coverage checks for GB3GT so a call on 51.51 made perfect sense as well.

In the past I have used a 6m Dipole, however I am looking to upgrade the system to a GW7AAV Delta Loop of a 2 ele portable beam from

I will definetly try to use this band in the summer openings on both SSB and FM. As well as my faithful old friend of 4m!

I would love to be able to chase people on this band but with theneighbours I have, any chance of even a 3 ele 6m beam will never happen! I have a colinear that works on 6m, so vertical polarity may be the better option for some!

73 all

Matt G8XYJ

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I would like to try myself but in DL 6m operation as /p is illegal.
So perhaps try 6m first, than other bands and avoid (illegal)
operation from German summits.

Cu on the summit
Mike, dj5av

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I have a couple of stiff wire extensions that resonate my 2 metre dipole on 6 metres: I have worked EDX with it from campsites but found the band closed again when on a summit - that’s life! From the end of this month they will be in my rucsac until the end of August. The chances of catching an opening are too low to make it worthwhile carrying them for the winter Es season.

Matt, for a stealth 6 metre antenna look up the GW0GHF, a wire antenna which is a modified W3EDP. I put one up in May the year I got my first FT817 and by the end of the season in August had worked 30 countries with 5 watts, CT3 being best DX, I heard NA and Caribbean stations several times but needed more power! Vertical is as good an option as horizontal, however, as E layer effects cause random variations of polarisation. I have a 3 band colinear and an HB9CV and sometimes one is better, sometimes the other, thank heaven for coaxial switches! Oh, and the colinear is in the loft, but still works very well.


Brian G8ADD

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Hi Brian

Thanks for the info! I will take a look at the GW0GHF antenna.

I must admit that I am a convert to the W3EDP, I have a W3DZZ at home which of course was never designed to work on 60m, but loads excellently on most other bands. I run the Icom 718 into a SEM Tranz Z Match tuner, then take the balanced out puts and have one side to earth or the 17’ counterpoise and then the other to the 85’ inverted L. It is crude and most likely causes hellish interferance with the neighbours TV, but my god does it work a treat on 60m!!

Dave M0MYA has been using one on the hills, wound into a builders chalk line, with a small ATU he loses about 2 to 3 s points but gains so much in terms of ease of rigging the antenna!

ANyway Hijack for 60m over, 6m a great band in the Summer and one I wish to take full advantage of!


Matt G8XYJ

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Chris, listen out for Robin GM7PKT/P he usually tries 6m on his activations normally around 50.160. I will make a dipole for the upcoming Es season.

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There are about 15 activators who have activated more than a handful of summits on 6m and probably 200 who have activated on 6m at least once. Leading 6m activator is Robin GM7PKT who has 131 6m activations under his belt.


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I have carried my delta loop up a few summits, but usually find that there is insufficient time to get onto the band - just too much to do on 2m and 70cms. :slight_smile: I managed to work several stations by SpE from one summit in 2010, but quite frankly it didn’t feel like SOTA operating. That was probably because when I am on a summit I value QSOs with SOTA chasers infinitely more highly than those with non-chasers.

Maybe it is time to dust down the delta loop and give it another go, particularly now there are more countries active in SOTA.

73, Gerald G4OIG

I have also been thinking about operation on 6 meters for some time may try it next time using a ¼ vertical also maybe with a 5/8 vertical but need to make a small loading coil.

Darius Ok7OK

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I’ve just built a slim jim for 6m. Easy to build, flat SWR in the main CW/SSB portion of the band from dimensions given, details below.

Roger MW0IDX

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If you will activate a summit with good take-off towards OE5-area let me know. I will be listening for you, if not activating myself. I have a 6m Quad at home but no portable antenna other than the rubber duck of the FT-817.

73, Heinz, OE5EEP

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I have a license for 6m on DM/NS-108 (DL0QW/A), if someone is interested, write me. I called several times CQ without any answer.

73, Mario

P.S.: I am using FT817 + Moxon Beam. In DL is the output limited to 25w ERP, horizontal polarisation. CW/SSB only, no contest. Portable-operation is not allowed, like Mike wrote, but it is possible to get licenses for several (!) alternate QTHs . Geografic coordinates as “address” are okay.

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Hi Chris!

My 6m antenna is the second D-Zepp-test-antenna. The first D-Zepp
is for 40m-Band only and use no tuner! With the second antenna, D-Zepp
also, can operate on 6 Bands without a tuner. 20m, 17m, 15m, 10, 6m
and 2m-ssb!
I must extend or shorten only the feeder-line for the operation band!

See you soon
73 de Chris OE5HCE

A good example of 6 meters summit operation:


TEP propagation!!!


In reply to ALL:

mni tnx for all the interesting reports, inputs, discussions and antenna-examples!

Specially during the Es-season, I will try 6m from time-to-time - looking forward some nice contacts.

For all who are interested at my 6m-portable-moxon here are some pics:

vy 73 de Chris, OE3CHC