SOTA on 5,7 GHz in atv?

Dear friends

Inspired by Jürgen, DF9OA, today we had our first “DX” QSO in the 6cm band at 5.7 GHz in ATV mode.
The distance is over 60km, the transmission power about 100mW and the antennas each have about 20dbi profit.

I stood with my brother Detlef, DN6DM on the Bocksberg in the Harz in the north of Germany and Jürgen with Ben, DK6OT on the southern hill of the Kronsberg in Hanover. Both are no SOTA moumtains.

In the following video you can see and hear what I have received from there: DL1CR ATV 65km 5,7GHz DF9OA DK6OT - YouTube

My next goal is a SOTA activation in ATV. Is atv a valide SOTA mode?

73 Chris,

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Hi Chris, all modes are allowed in SOTA - for ATV, I think you would need to spot and log as “other”. The band would be 5.6GHz.

Well done on the contact on 5.7GHz! 60Km is a very good distance, I hope you can find two SOTA summits that are line of sight over a similar distance, or at least a summit and a home station that have line of sight.

By the way “Gewinn” for antennas is “gain” in English, not “profit” (that is “Gewinn” in financial terms).

73 Ed.