Sota om/tn-023

Hallo all chaser sota. Thanks fer myny qso today on my activity on sota OM/TN-023. My werry sorry short time activity today werry cloudy temp.-6 and last qso -10 graid . Werry clody.Thankyou werry much on all chaser. My new info canceled my activity sanday 26.01.2014 werry windy and could 73 and good day all. thanks 73 Vlad om1ax Thanks all spoting

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Hi Vlad,

Thanks for putting on the summit and facing very low temperatures, it was my pleasure to work you on 40m today.

Steve MW0BBU.

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Hello Vlad, Thanks for contact/summit on 20M. 59x2 8)

You were also a good signal when you were chatting to Michael DB7MM on 80M but I could not transmit as the storms have damaged my 80/160 antenna (high VSWR).

Best wishes
Mike G6TUH

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Hallo Mike and Steve. Thanks also nice contact this moment my tea and drink hi 73 and next time on my new activity on summits in om vlad om1ax

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Hi Vlad,

Thanks you for the QSO’s today & for the first activation of OM/TN-023.

I was very surprised to hear you on 80m SSB, you must have a very good antenna!

Thanks & best 73,

Mark G0VOF

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hallo Mike thakyou also qso on 80mtrs. My antena dipol 50w and batery varta60ah-12v also in sota my two friend Peter and Tomas /qth* Nova Dubnica 73 and good sota 2014 73 Vlad om1ax

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This Time i was the chasser. :-))
C u next for s2s
73 Roger