SOTA OM is now a reality

Hallo Activators and Chasers!
Just starting officially SOTA program from Slovakia.
Good luck in QSO with Slovak Summits On The Air.

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Good luck to all of you. 73

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Hope to talk with you on the air.


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As announced in the news for December, the OM association has gone live this morning, December 1st 2011. The OM guys have been waiting for this moment for sometime so it’s not surprising to see activity already from OM.

All the summits have been loaded into the database and you can enter OM activations and chases of OM stations. Likewise, OM data has been entered onto SOTAWATCH. This means you can now spot OM stations or alert OM activations. The ARM has been uploaded both in English and Slovakian.

However, please accept an apology from the MT that the accented characters used in the Slovak language are not displaying correctly on SOTAWATCH. Jon is aware of this and will fix it ASAP but tells me he is exceptionally busy right now. Please bear with us until we can fix this.

Andy, MM0FMF

Hi Jon & Andy,

please check the winter bonus rules in the DB - the last midnight activators of OM summits over 700m ASL didn’t receive the bonus points (check OM0AM’s and HA6QR’s logs).

73 Marek

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Essentially because they initially proposed a 15th Dec start for winter bonus and later agreed to align with other countries on 1st Dec. However it had been set up as 15th Dec and will be changed to 1st Dec with retrospective points adjustment very soon.
73 Jim g0cqk

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Is then the OK association the only one with winter bonus starting on December 15? Any reason for it?
Ruda OK2QA

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Without checking all the other associations, I don’t know if it is the only one, but I am a little surprised that OK has those timings. You would have to ask the AM why they chose those dates and of course the AM could propose changing them if he and the association team wishes. There appears to have been a fair bit of work done recently identifying additional summits so if an update is being proposed, a change of winter bonus period could be part of that proposal.
73 Jim g0cqk