SOTA Nr in Tyrol

Hello Mike!
The Sota Nr in Tyrol seems as OE/TI-xxx. Other Summit Nr seems OE0/TI-xxxx (GMA Summits) I see, in the QRM its a problem, I call several times, if problem!


In reply to OE7HPI:

Hello Holger,

I think this post is for me - reference 6th May - 0900Z. We exchanged reports and then two stations started chatting over the top of you.

In the gaps I got part of the numbers for the OE/TI reference and then part of the GMA reference, the propagation shifted and the QRM got worse but later looking at my paper notes I had messed up the numbers.

I assumed that others would hear you much better, as I only have a simple inverted V for 40, and confirm the reference for SOTA and/or GMA but there were no further spots so I have not logged our contact 8(

O well 8)

Best Wishes
Mike G6TUH