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Sota no030 and no031

Hello all
thank you to all those who called me, and my apologies to those to whom I could not answer!
Both SOTA are not difficult of access, but this day marked by the sun was to make tests with portable antennas and test myself on the handling CW. In the morning I used a key strait, miniature attachment to the thigh and a Bencher afternoon. Also receive apologies for handling errors caused by the stress, cold and usually little traffic portable!
Thank you for your patience, I hope I have answered as many of you, despite tunes, strong QRM and QSB.
Only one QSO on 80m, the antenna was not performing on 40m and I had to change it for a 40m dipole, hence I did most of the traffic on 40m CW with some SSB attempts on two peaks, but few candidates!
There is also the phenomenon of “spot”, which gives a more undeniable!
I could fiddle all day thanks to a car battery, but of course useless on a summit which would require more than a half hour walk in difficult conditions, because of its weight!
For transport, as well as my various antennas I use a small cart to sail with two large inflatable wheels!
I will post photos later, I also made videos with my, camera, I do not know yet if it is possible to put this online format and there will be no “assembly” like the pros (f6eno, f5ukl, f5htr, hi hi)
Thank you again for your presence, see you soon on other SOTA

In reply to F5NEP:

Hello Lionel

You did a really good job today Lionel on both summits and your signals were outstanding. Well done. The last QSO I had with you on a summit was on 40m SSB in August 2007 when you were on AB-404 Liarmelaz - 1830m.

73 and I wish good fitness to you for the future activating!

Phil G4OBK

In reply to G4OBK:

Hello Lionel

Thank you for your report and for our QSO’s. I agree with Phil, your signal was superb, especially from the second summit.

Vy 73

In reply to F5NEP:

Hello Lionel

It was a pleasure to copy you from both summits today and your patience with the unbelievable pile-up’s was much appreciated.

I have a range of hills due south of my location and normally struggle with activations from France, which are typically 529-559 at best at my QTH - today your signals were a superb 579 from both locations.



In reply to F5NEP:

Hi Lionel,
vy glad hrg u back on summits!
Your CW was fb, no problem.
I just hrd u when I come back home from QRL,
so you made a fine end of my day!

Meilleurs 73 et à trés bientôt pour un s2s!
Fritz dl4fdm,hb9csa

In reply to DL4FDM:
thank you for your comments and encouragement I am pressed to return to a peak in the meantime here’s the video from NO031

73’s QRO

In reply to F5NEP:
BJR, Sry i missed you Lionel, Unfortunately some poor souls have to work all day ,but maybe next time HI,

vy 73 de Geoff G4CPA.

In reply to G4CPA:
hello Geoff, no problems, y think y return to perfect my CW, hi hi y have also some activation projects for march.
y think NO-037 and also NO-018 (perhaps with F5UOW).
y was happy to copy you
best regards