SOTA News - Nov 2018 Issue

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It seems that October was a fairly quiet month for SOTA, I received very little news. We’ll start with the UK:

David Stansfield G0EVV, from Morpeth in Northern England, has reached SOTA Mountain Goat status after six years of participating as an activator. His first SOTA activation back in May 2012 was on Place Fell G/LD-027 in the Lake District, while his 1000th point (to achieve Mountain Goat) came on Ben Macdui GM/ES-001 in the Cairngorms, on 11th September 2018.

Congratulations to David, who looks set to continue activating extensively in Scotland and Northern England.

From North America:

Fred, KT5X, offered some “ULTRA-LYTE” information: “These are some ideas for making an HF SOTA station very small and light after six hundred SOTA activations. These are the slides used for the presentation at the Duke City Hamfest a few weeks ago. If you are looking for ideas on how to make your set up smaller and lighter, you may find something in this presentation helpful to you.”

Fred also announced that New Mexico Century Award #10 has been collected by Ken, K6HPX. This is difficult from AZ as 20M and up are usually in the skip-zone, and 30 meters and down don’t open until it’s getting dark. Congratulations Ken!

Rules to acquire the award can be found on QRZ dot COM under the page for WS0TA.

Pete, WA7JTM provided some statistics from the Great Arizona 10-point S2S Conflagration:

A FEW 10-point activator STATS: s2s 2018

First Sunday QSO: 14:43 (7:43 AM)
Last Sunday QSO: 20:10 (1:10 PM)
Duration 5 hours 23 minutes

Twenty Five unique 10-point summits activated by 33 operators.

Twenty Four 10-point summits on the air Sunday Morning

Three summits with no HF QSO’s

Sotawatch2 SPOTS Sept 30th: 499 worldwide, 105 Arizona (over 21% of all spots worldwide were Arizona)

1104 QSO’s
590 s2s QSO’s (53.4 % of our QSO’s were s2s)
4323 s2s points scored by AZ 10-point s2s Stations


BAND QSO Totals:
2M: 354
20M: 291
40M: 207
30M: 154
60M: 48
17M: 22
10M: 12
12M: 2
80M: 7

Larry, K0RS, reports working KR7RK, WA7JTM, KE7BGM, K7JFD, KB7HH, AE9Q, K6HPX, N7LP, W7USA, NJ7V, NQ7R, K9PM, N7CW, and K7ZOO

And, while on the subject of special SOTA events, Barry, N1EU, reminded me: “In case anybody missed news of this twice yearly event (Spring and Fall), it is discussed on the SOTAwatch reflector: Trans-Atlantic S2S QSO Party - 3 November 2018” NOTE: This coming weekend, first full weekend in November!!

Gerald, G8CXK (G4OIG) weighed in from the other side of the Atlantic:

“Despite some bad WX headed our way across the Atlantic which hit the UK late Friday / early Saturday, I am hoping there will be a decent level of activity from EU. Regardless of the WX, I will be out with Paul G6GGP (G4MD) and this time we both have FT-857D’s and verticals. We are monitoring the progress of the wet and windy stuff headed our way and will decide on the summit later in the week. I suspect others over here are doing the same.”

[Ed Note: This is vaguely reminiscent of G. Marconi’s transatlantic tests, not that I remember those]

Etienne, K7ATN, advised SOTA news: Hello SOTA Friends - Not quite winter - but it’s coming, so get out the snowshoes. Here is the Pacific Northwest SOTA Newsletter for November and December 2018:

Thanks to the contributors that provided material: Tim-KG7EJT, Dave-N7LKL, Troy-KF7SEY, Katie-KI7HCX, Darryl-WW7D, and Josh-WU7H.

You can find newsletter back issues here: Pacific Northwest SOTA Newsletters |

For those in Southern California, Scott, WA9STI, alerted that "I will be giving a SOTA presentation to the South Pasadena Amateur Radio Club on Wednesday November 7th. The meeting starts at 1930 and is located at the South Pasadena Fire Station, 817 Mound Avenue, South Pasadena 91030. Everyone is welcome.

See the attached flyer or view for further information and a map.

Finally, Joe, N0MAP, documented a double traverse of the Roan Highlands along the Appalachian Trail on the border between Tennessee and North Carolina in a video at: SOTA: Roan Highlands Traverse NC/TN - YouTube

And that’s all the SOTA news I received … DXCC=2. Surely something SOTA-ish happened in the other 340 DXCC entities in Oct.


Fred [“SKIP”] K6DGW
Sparks NV USA
Interim SOTA Reporter Dude


I inadvertently saved Elliott’s input in the wrong folder. Please pretend that I put it into the main News:

Elliott, K6EL, has been hosting a luncheon at Pacificon, the ARRL Pacific Division Convention for seven years now: His report, complete with photos follows herewith:

"28 Sota folks attended the seventh annual free SOTA lunch at Pacificon, including both founders of Elecraft with their show and tell, a new band switching base-loaded telescoping vertical for pedestrian mobile and SOTA. My quizlet at the conclusion asked their next goals for SOTA. Learning CW was popular, but not as much as becoming a half-goat. I tried to pin down which half, but the unwanted half got no takers. See you at the eighth annual, next October. "

Elliott, K6EL

IMG_0132.jpg1018x1280 328 KB


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IMG_0120.jpg1280x1024 409 KB

…-…N6NKT and AA6XA

IMG_0121.jpg1280x1018 398 KB

…-…K6ST and WR5J

IMG_0124.jpg1380x1230 435 KB

…-…L to R: KH2TJ, AA0BV, K7SO and W1EJ

IMG_0128.jpg1280x818 235 KB

…-…KD7WPJ and KM6SJT, our new YL climber

IMG_0129.jpg1312x1058 350 KB

…-…WA9STI and NK6A


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I just missed the deadline to have this inserted in SOTA News today, however Skip has suggested that it is posted anyway.

We are pleased to advise of the following changes in SOTA management structure for SOTA Portugal.

Manuel Marques CT1BWW has relinquished his role as AM and handed over to Pedro Carvalho CT1DBS/CU3HF as from 1st November 2018

Many thanks from all at SOTA for the years of support you have provided to SOTA CT Manuel and very best wishes for your future endeavours.

Welcome to Pedro as the incoming Association Manager for CT although he has been working in support of SOTA CT for some time and also working in translating Portuguese language for new South American SOTA associations.

David Quental CT1DRB has carried he role as RM for all CT regions but has agreed to relinquish some regions to make room for new RMs

So, the Portugueses RMs will be (after NOV 1st):
CT/AA and CT/ES - João Fragoso, CT7ABE (ct7abe (at)
CT/AL, CT/BT and CT/RB - David Quental, CT1DRB (ct1drb72 (at)
CT/BA and CT/TM - Paulo Teixeira, CT2IWW (ct2iww (at)
CT/BB, CT/BL and CT/DL - Nuno Freitas, CT2IUV (ct2iuv (at)
CT/MN - Carlos Gomes, CT1HIX (ct1hix (at)

or (regional alphabetical order)

CT/AA - João Fragoso, CT7ABE (ct7abe (at)
CT/AL - David Quental, CT1DRB (ct1drb72 (at)
CT/BA - Paulo Teixeira, CT2IWW (ct2iww (at)
CT/BB - Nuno Freitas, CT2IUV (ct2iuv (at)
CT/BL - Nuno Freitas, CT2IUV (ct2iuv (at)
CT/BT - David Quental, CT1DRB (ct1drb72 (at)
CT/DL - Nuno Freitas, CT2IUV (ct2iuv (at)
CT/ES - João Fragoso, CT7ABE (ct7abe (at)
CT/MN - Carlos Gomes, CT1HIX (ct1hix (at)
CT/RB - David Quental, CT1DRB (ct1drb72 (at)
CT/TM - Paulo Teixeira, CT2IWW (ct2iww (at)

Welcome everybody to a strong SOTA team in Portugal/ Bem-vindo a todos a uma equipa forte da SOTA em Portugal.


Thanks, Fred, for your Nov-2018 issue. I can’t send you this information in advance because I need the previous month to be over in order to collect the data.

From my NOVEMBER-2018 news in Spanish

SOTA activators and activations carried out in Spain and the Spanish-American Countries in October-2018:

With the information available in the database up to November 1st, this is the graph of the activations and activators in Spain in October 2018.

EA5 has taken the lead, this month. We haven’t had any activations from the 7, 8 and 9 EA call areas.
However, we’ve had a slightly greater number of activation this month compared to the previous month.

This is the graph of the number of activations per month in 2018.

With the information available in the database up to November 1st, this is the graph of the activations and activators in the Spanish speaking American Countries with existing SOTA associations.

Fortunately, we start seeing some few activators and activations from Mexico. Let’s hope some others will soon follow.

This is the graph of the number of activations per month in 2018 with an exception on February for which there’s no data available.



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