SOTA News Format

Hi everyone, as the news grows in size and a small problem arose whereas I had to put the news on the Reflector in 2 parts.
A couple of ideas have been brought forward.

  1. to put the news on the sota website where pictures can be included and put a sticky link to it on the Reflector. This would add to the workload of Jon GM4ZFZ.

  2. I am considering setting up my own website with FREEWEBS where I could print the news complete with pictures, and still put a sticky link to it on the Reflector, plus the added bonus that we could run polls within freewebs. This option would reduce the strain on the Reflector and not dump a greater workload on Jon GM4ZFZ.

It’s your news, so let’s hear your opinions on this one please?

73 Mike (obo SOTA News Team)

In reply to GW0DSP:
Dont use a free hosting site. They’re pants compared to proper hosting. I’m sure I can find you something better that wont cost. Email me your phone number and we can talk.


In reply to GW0DSP:
Whilst I am all in favour of a web based news I think it would be a retrograde step to host it outside the SOTA system. Its taken a long time to get everything in one place.
Reasons :-

  1. I think the MT should have an overall control of content. Although I don’t envisage they would need to use it , but it could happen.
  2. If something should happen to the editor will there be a system to ensure someone else could take over? IIRC WAB had a reflector they couldn’t control because of the demise of the password holder.
  3. As Andy says so called free hosting is pants. They have to make their dosh somewhere so force adverts etc. upon you.

I’m not very good a web page design, few people are, but I can tell a good one from a bad one. I’m sure, but not certain, it would be possible for Jon to set up a template within the present system for you to edit the news into thus preserving a high standard of presentation.

Purely my personal opinion.

Roger G4OWG

In reply to G4OWG:

I have to admit I tend to agree with you Roger, but a couple of people mentioned it, hence this thread. I think more people like the news on the reflector as it is because of the easy access to it from the spots page. I can use links for the pictures as I do already and the only problem I can foresee is that when I post a 2 part news, someone may add a post in between both parts. If we have an agreement that no-one posts a reply to the news until it becomes sticky, it should be ok. As for MT having sensorship control, they don’t need it. I made a statement/promise in my first news that NO personal bias will ever be printed, or anything which in my opinion would harm or embarrass Sota, anything I am uncertain of is emailed to the FULL MT for clarification/permission. MT have been superb, with very swift response times to all of my queries regarding the news and I thank them for their help.

73 Mike

In reply to GW0DSP:

Mike and all,

I have put together the framework for the new website over the last couple of weeks very much with ease of maintenance and content management in mind so knocking out a decent format for the news each month with photos et al shouldn’t be a problem.

It would be good to retain a text based version for the reflector so the content can remain searchable in the future from the reflector search form.

73, Jon

In reply to GM4ZFZ:

Sounds good to me Jon, let me know the whats and whereabouts etc when/if the website becomes a viable option for the news.

I must agree that it must also stay as a text based version on the Reflector as it is now, so that readers can have the option of quick and easy access to the news from the spots page and recall past News threads.