SOTA "new ones" week activity

Hi all,
I will start from next Tuesday a couple of “1st activation” and “new french summits” too.
1st will be F/PO-268 Chuiko Mendi on Tuesday 5th.
2nd will be F/PO-245 Choldocogagna on Wednesday 6th (hope WX will be ok, the panorama should be wonderful with a view on Atlantic Ocean, Spain and Pyrénées Mountains…).
Also previewed F/PO-264 Mont Ursuya and F/PO-213 Mont Baygoura (897m) or F/PO-212 La Rhune (900m) (these 2 lasts are a personal undids), later if WX ok and OM too HI.
It will end by F/SO-003 Salères near Agen (DPT. 47) on Feb 18th.
All activities during week at morning in CW (mic is broken) with videos as usually.
I hope to hear you…
Vy 73 de Chris F8DZY.

Bonjour à tous,
A compter de mardi prochain, je vais débuter un certain nombre d’activités SOTA “première activation” et de “nouveaux sommets français” également.
La première sera F/PO-268 Chuiko Mendi Mardi 5 Février.
La seconde sera F/PO-245 Choldocogagna Mercredi 6 Février (en espérant que le WX sera OK car le panorama devrait être assez exceptionnel avec une vue sur l’Océan Atlantique, l’Espagne et les Pyrénées…).
Egalement prévus F/PO-264 Mont Ursuya et F/PO-213 Mont Baygoura (897m) ou F/PO-212 La Rhune (900m)(Ces 2 derniers étant surtout un défi personnel) un peu plus tard si le temps est ok et l’OM également ! HI
Je terminerai par F/SO-003 Salères à côté d’Agen (DPT. 47) le 18 Février.
Toutes ces activités auront lieu en semaine, de matin, en CW (micro HS) et filmées, comme d’habitude.
Je vous espère nombreux !
73 QRO de Chris F8DZY.

In reply to F8DZY:
On attend avec impatience les photos de ces nouveaux sommets.
Bonne chance Chris !
73 Alain F6ENO

Leaving home…
Let’s go for the first one !

C’est parti !

Wow, just back !
Thanks to all guys contacted this morning, WX was wonderful (13°C on summit)compared when I left QRA (2.5°C only)…
56 QSOS (my best score till now : 35 on 40M CW, 20 on 30M CW and 1 on 40M SSB).
Roy G4SSH was again the first to call : no more need to call CQ then HI !
I send photos on SOTA France and make the video this afternoon, will post the link for Youtube here…
Chris F8DZY.

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Thank you for the QSO Chris. Although you were 559 at our time, you increased to 599 as the morning wore on. 13C on the summit sounds good to me sitting at 7C !!

Best 73,s

In reply to F8DZY:
Many thanks for today’s activation Chris.

Roger G4OWG

you’re welcome !
I’m sorry I won’t be able go to F/PO-245 tomorrow, rain is previewed at the end of the morning there… I’ll try Thursday certainly in the end of the morning.
I have problems with “NeroVision” to create the video, don’t know why… 3rd time I finish it and impossible to recode and to re-open.
I’ll try again tomorrow.
Chris F8DZY.

video online : SOTA F/PO-268 "Chuiko Mendi" by F8DZY/P - YouTube
My PC is fed up with me, it’s time to go back in mountains… :wink:
Chris F8DZY.

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Very enjoyable video Chris.
Will miss you tomorrow - have to work :frowning:

Roger G4OWG

In reply to F8DZY:

Thanks for your efforts in producing this video Chris. The views were spectacular. Looking forward to the next one.

Best 73’s

In reply to G4CMQ:
tomorrow David :wink:

2nd activation SOTA /PO-245 “Choldocogagna” confirmed…
Leaving QRA, still no sun here, hope it will come soon !
Chris F8DZY.

Hello all, just back from Choldocogagna…
36 QSOs CW (33 on 40M, nothing on SSB, and 3 on 30M).
Not very good propagation, it is better in the morning I believe… Anyway, I was happy to give you a new SOTA reference.
The view was fantastic and WX also, about 15°C on summit !
I send photos on SOTA FRANCE, they’ll be online tomorrow I believe.
Photos of “Chuiko Mendi” F/PO-268 are online :
I start the video and will add the link here when ready, hope my PC won’t crash again my work…
Chris F8DZY.

Video of “Choldocogagna” SOTA F/PO-245 is online !

Don’t hesitate to let advices (good and bad) in order to know what you expect from.
Photos are sent to SOTA France, logs are online, see you from Esteinumendi F/PO-267, last one before next week.
Chris F8DZY.

(addition 0700UTC: activation confirmed, leaving QRA)

Back from Esteinumendi PO-267, good propagation this morning on 40M !
Not less than 59 QSOs(new personal high score) are in the log including only one QSO on 30M (2E0OOO again HI), 15 DXCC : DL, F, HB, ON, S5, I, HA, G, GM, GW, EI, OK, OM, PA and “DX” : SM1TDE.
Many thanks to everybody, I’ll add the link of the video and send photos to SOTA FRANCE, CU next week…
Chris F8DZY.

In reply to F8DZY:

A great job on all of the new ones Chris, thanks for your superb efforts and for the accompanying videos and photos.

vy 73 Mike GW0DSP

In reply to F8DZY:

It has been a pleasure to contact you on the new SOTA’s this week Chris. Many thanks for putting these on the air for the first time.

I always enjoy the video’s, beautiful scenery and interesting to hear who is calling without listening !!

CU next week.


In reply to F8DZY:
Superb Chris tnx fer contact also wid our club call MX0BCQ hi!

73 de Geoff G4CPA.

“Esteinumendi” SOTA F/PO-267 video online : SOTA F/PO-267 "Esteinumendi" by F8DZY/P - YouTube
Chris F8DZY.

Links of past week SOTAs’ photos :

Vy 73 de Chris F8DZY.