Sota mfd

At the moment I use a 4 ele beam on the summit for SSB, and a Diamond RH 770 whip for FM, after my last activation I am concerned that the whip will snap in high winds, and discovered the MFD antenna sold by SOTA beams.

Is it any good? Thinking of mainly FM and for using as a back pack antenna on the way up.

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Ive got one, works well and is very light. Does what it says on the tin really. I used it on some very windy activations and its still alive. I used thicker guy ropes than what was supplied.

I previously used my VX170 and Diamond SRH-77a, but had much better signal reprts with the MFD, that said however the SOTABEAM is much better.


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I guess it depends what you are using as your rig - on my recent debut I used an MFD with my VX-8DE and (as per the report) I got front-end overload, so have reverted to my SRH-940 antenna for now

If you have something more substantial as your RT, the view on the MFD (and the SB) seems positive

73 Andrew