SOTA mentioned in Trail magazine!

Image my surprise when reading page 38 of Trail magazine, due in the shops tomorrow, to see a plug for SOTA and SOTA’s website!

I’m reading the mag as research for my upcoming Lakes expedition. Just waiting for some decent (sunny!) weather, everything thing else is ready to go.

73 Colin

In reply to M0CGH:

Not for the first time! See this thread…

It’s from last year. I seem to remember talk of another article too but cannot find a reference to it anywhere just now.

73 Steve

Good evening, both.

This one’s probably down to me. Nicki Giles of Trail magazine concoted an article for last Sepetember’s magazine based on telephone calls and e-mails. I think she did an excellent job for us considering the material she had at her disposal!

There was a photo of yours truly on Coniston Old Man and I seem to remember a caption imploring lightweight afficionados to look away - or somethng like that.

I did stress the web site and the database of summit info that we’ve all been amassing so maybe the latest reference sprang from that.

73, Richard