Sota Maps

Might be at my end but am getting an error on Sota Maps, back with Error loading Google Maps and “Development” over the maps. PS Thanks for the brilliant site Rob …
(PS Also sent you a note via contacts - but was not sure if the issue may be specific to my setup)

Paul G4IPB

Hi Paul, It’s not your end - this is Google playing (in my opinion) silly buggas again.

I have also sent Rob a note - give him some time, he’ll probably have to jump through several hoops to make Google happy again!

I agree with you the production version of SMP is a great tool -wait until you see the next version - that I am lucky enough to help testing IT’S UNBELIEVABLY GREAT!

73 Ed DD5LP.

Careful Ed. Over-use of capitals may incur Andy’s wrath :shushing_face:

Agreed Rob, thank you for the great tool.

Thanks for the reports everybody - I’ve restarted the server (httpd service) and it looks better now? Maybe?

It is behaving properly this morning. Thanks

What is the scheduled release date for the version with the fresnel stuff?


Believe my Andy (PJZ),
The new features are worth incurruing Andy (FMF)'s wrath! :grinning:

P.S. confirming both versions don’t have the google “experimental use only” or something like that, text through them.

I think maybe Andy PJZ means Brian G8ADD, the reflector moderator, rather than Andy FMF.

But, in any case, Ed, we don’t want to give people too high expectations about the new SMP, now do we?

Of course not - nothing new here - don’t look this way … YEAH right (oops there’s those capiltals again).

I’ll even take Brian’s wrath on this one for the CAPs!

73 Ed.

No definitely FMF!
In my last job every message was printed in caps, with minimal punctuation. But we were a long way from home, so they had to shout to be heard.

Nah! - this is shouting:



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Nah, I’m good. It’s just emphasis - besides, I’d rather have that than italics!

Sorry, Paul - I overlooked your comment.

OK, well, basically it’s all down to the SOTA MT IT department making the decision to go live with their own new versions of some of the SOTA sites. At the moment those sites are being tested by a group of volunteers, with particular attention being paid to the new Single Sign On (SSO) system which is integrated into those pages, and which will allow seamless navigation between those sites while remaning logged-in (or logged-out) across all of them.

The new SMP also has the new SSO system integrated and could theoretically go live right now (providing all user’s login details have been ported to the SSO system), but it would be churlish of me to jump the gun, as it were. And anyway, it gives me the opportunity to update stuff / invent new stuff while it remains under wraps.

So, we’ll wait patiently until the new SOTA sites go live…

D’you mean like this:

“Lasciate ogne speranza, voi ch’intrate”


Questu hè più faciule per leghje ciò chì questu!

და რა თქმა უნდა უფრო ადვილია წაკითხვის ვიდრე ეს წინადადება