SOTA Maps Tracks Upload Problem

I have been attempting to upload a .gpx track file into the SOTA Maps Tracks page. I’m able to import the .gpx file just fine. I’m able to easily edit the points, etc. The file size is significantly lower than the maximum threshold (only 42 points overall). However, when I attempt to finalize and import the track when I’m finished, the “import” button doesn’t execute when selecting it. I can see the button is being pushed, but I don’t get the subsequent dialog box allowing me to enter a title. I’m logged into the page when doing this and I’ve tried both Safari and Chrome, but I can’t figure out where the error lies. Anyone have any thoughts? Thanks in advance!

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I just uploaded a walked GPX track into SOTAMaps using Chrome and no problem - Summit OE/TI-557. A repeat of a track I imported into SOTAMaps a few years ago.

I left the GPX file in SOTAMaps track for you to see, and will delete the duplicate track later. Not sure what your issue is, but importing works fine here. You could start by rebooting your router and see if that makes any difference when you try again.

73 Phil G4OBK


If you edit the gpx file in a texteditor (notepad) you should see a ;


if you have a route


Sotamaps will load it and show it but the import is broken for routes (in my experience).

You can use tools like GPSbabel or GPXEditor to convert routes to tracks within the gpx file.

73 Joe


The problem is you are using a route, not a track in your GPX file, so SMP backend fails with there being “no track available”, basically.

There are online tools (GPSBabel or something?) that can convert between routes and tracks


Ahhhh. Thanks Joe & Andrew! That has to be the issue. I was using a route that I made in GAIA via GPS coordinates and exported it as a route in the .GPX format. I didn’t know about the system limitation. Just assumed the .GPX format would work. I’ll work on the conversion later and give it a shot! Much appreciated!

73, Mike


Used GPSBabel. All good now! Thanks again!