Problem importing tracks

I tried many times with a PC or a iPad to import gpx tracks to the database without success.

I can easily upload a gpx track on SMP but, when it’s time to import it in the system, I click on Import and then the window to add name and comments doesn’t open so, I’m stuck there.

If anyone could help me with this situation, I would appreciate.

73, Eric VA2EO

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Thanks, I did the same mistake.

Actually, the code for accepting either GPX routes or tracks has been in the SMP tracks page from day one. It’s just that subsequent changes made by me 2 or 3 years ago to the code to incorporate tracks- or GPX-points editing made a lot of changes in how the internal array of points was handled. That was a big job, and was eventually shelved as the amount of work needed to maintain and develop the (completely hand-coded) site became too much of a burden to me - I wasn’t getting any younger.

Anyway, reverting the page to its’ previous state, and dropping the newer and very extensive points-editing code, meant that the remaining code had to be slightly re-written to get it back to accepting - as it had done before - either routes or tracks consistently. At about the same time, I had to give up with the SMP and hand it over lock, stock and barrel to the SOTA MT, since my health was suffering too much.

Right now, the amount of changes needed to fix this error/oversight to get it to work again as it did originally are really minimal - basically just re-checking the arrays format from back-end to front-end of the code and altering a few lines. Unfortunately, nobody in the SOTA MT has the time nor inclination to make the changes - in any case, the SMP will soon be dropped completely, the site closed down, and just a small fraction of its’ functionality - specifically only activations and chases mapping - will be “reproduced” in the main SOTA site. Mapping of individual summits will be handed off to external sites, as is the case in the present SOTA db (I’ve already seen the beta of the new version). I’m guessing the tracks uploading will be taken over by Manuel’s very fine

So, in the meantime,you’re stuck with what you’ve got. After that, the sky’s the limit. Right?

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