SOTA Maps filter "show all summits available for activation to me"

currently on the SOTA Maps website you have the option to use some great filters. However, there’s no quick filter for activators that want to see all the summits available for activation to them – that is including in the same list both the summits that have been activated in the past, but not in the current year, and the summits that were never been activated by them.

An example: I’d like to see a complete list of summits that I can activate in my association and region (YO/EC-###) tomorrow. As it is the case now, I can either filter by “summits never activated by me”, or “summits activated by me, but not this year”. There’s no option to include both of these searches at the same time. I think it would be useful to have such a filter, maybe (something like “show all summits available for activation to me this year”).

What are your thoughts on this?

73 de YO8SBR

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Hi Bogdan

I cannot help you out with Sotamaps, but you can use when looking for summits, it has much better filtering (even composed ones), and it is pretty straightforward to display only summits not activated by you this year. This is my default filter as well when looking for summits to activate next.
Also it is much faster when you are on the road and searching for summits on the phone.

73, Csaba


Hey Csaba,
that’s a great tool! I did not know of it and indeed has the filter I was looking for (it works like a charm, too). Thanks a lot!

73, Bogdan