SOTA Maps Down?

Is it just me or is anyone else having issues with the maps not loading?


The website is up - No maps however!

Range Screen is working, main screen is not.


Just spotted this - thanks for the heads up, guys. At the moment, I can’t get the SMP database back up and running since I’m away from my admin machine. However, there is an admin area in the SMP which I have tried to use to force the db to update: it would seem that it’s having problems finding the MappingData.csv file on the SOTA site.

So, we’ll just have to wait until about 5pm CET when I can get back to my machine. Sorry for this, but such things are sometimes unavoidable…


The map generator routines failed this morning at 0107Z. I re-ran them when I got in the office at about 0920Z.

These cronjobs do fail occasionally, not very often and it’s something to do with the disk filers in the host being too busy or being unavailable. I get an email saying bad stuff happened and a link for me to click that reruns the cronjob. It’s not perfect as it relies on me pushing buttons but it’s good enough in that since moving servers in October I have pushed the button twice I think, once being this morning’s issue.

The new server has been a paragon of reliability such that I’ve not need to log in every day and fix issues. In addition I spent a day over Christmas writing management scripts that run things like cleaning out temporary files, backing up access logs etc. The result was I couldn’t remember the password :scream:… so when I remembered the password I logged in and checked the files were in situ. They are timed at 8-feb-2016 0952Z.

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Back up now.


EDIT: Sorry, was rushed for time: what I meant of course was “the SMP is back up and running now”…