SOTA maps down? (Oct 2015)

It’s not working here. I get the main page structure, but a blank area where the map should be, with a label saying “Loading map, please wait…”

same here. however range and tracks do work.

Mea culpa! - sorry, this was entirely my fault - I had uploaded an unfinished version of the main page last night along with a bunch of other changes and didn’t check the main page. Should work now.



I knew there would be a simple explanation and a quick response. Thanks!

Huh! - now the server has gone down. But that wasn’t me :sunglasses: !

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That it has could been problem in first place


Not likely, Karl! I replaced the file mentioned with a proper version, and everything ran smoothly again until the server went down, which is a very different issue. That’s caused by the maintenance team going in and taking jack-hammers to the servers there :laughing: . I guess they don’t pay them enough :smirk:

Back up again now.

If you hover the mouse over the “Online:xx” at the top right of any page in the SMP, you can see by the red-coloured area in the “User online history” graphic how much time the server has been down within the last 6 hours.

At this moment it stands at about 3 1/2 hours offline.