SOTA Mapping updates

Just wondering how long it take for the SOTA maps page to update the 'Latest Activation:" information

I activated today but still shows MW7RJO/P as being the last activation?


About 24 hours. There’s a sync around 0300 UTC iirc


Thanks, I see the changes now :slight_smile:

Excuse me for the hijack …

I also notice that a non-qualifying activation doesn’t produce any QSO list in the Activations page
For example yesterday on a family walk I made two S2S contacts from GW/SW-011 but didn’t bother doing a full activation as I had previously activated that summit earlier in the year, and it was also cold and windy !

The activation is listed with the two QSO’s but if I click it I get “No QSO’s found matching the filter options”.

Is this intended behaviour ?



Where are you looking? I can see you on the summit page and on sota maps.


On the Activations page

You can see MW5RJC/P on GW/SW-011 with 2 QSO’s
But if I click that line I get


Whereas for a full activation I get the QSO list and map for example the previous activation on G/WB-022



Ah, not seen that feature before! I think there are a few issues because when I look at my activations it says, for example, there are 5 S2S QSOs, but when I click on Filter QSOs and select to only show S2S QSOs in activation it shows a blank list.

Whatever I do I get a pop-up “Message is: No year-chart data”.