SOTA Mapping Project

Is the SOTA Mapping Project broken ? It looks like it has lost its connection to its associated database since on the Main screen the dropdowns are all unpopulated. Also I get a ‘setZoom not defined’ when trying other functions.

73s Andrew G4AFI

In reply to G4AFI:

It seems to be working fine here.

Barry N1EU

In reply to N1EU:

Working well here, too.


Brian G8ADD

In reply to G4AFI:

I updated a couple of files in the Mapping Project around that time of day today, so there might have been a momentary hiccup. If in doubt, press the F5 button (page refresh)!

73, Rob DM1CM

In reply to DM1CM:
Yes It seems fine now. Must have been just a glitch whilst at work

73s Andrew G4AFI

In reply to G4AFI:

We have had links from the summit info pages on the database for a few weeks now but Jon recently got the time to added them to the summit pages on SOTAwatch.

e.g. now has links for

Google Map, Google Earth, OpenStreetMap, OS Get-a-map, Geograph Photos, SOTA Map