SOTA Log Upload Format - problem

I have problems uploading csv and ADIF files to SOTA. Is there a published csv file format for log uploads?

I get an error: “Error on Line 0: Incorrect number of fields.”
My file has 10 columns (fields) and corresponds to this SOTA PowerPoint slide format. The file was generated automatically by my logging program, MacLoggerDX.
V2, My Callsign, My Summit, Date, Time, Band, Mode, His Callsign, His Summit, Notes or Comments

The "His Summit’ field on my file is empty since I did not do any summit to summit QSOs.

My MacBook logging program, MacLoggerDX, has a SOTA ADIF export also. When I try to upload this file to SOTA, I also get an error: “There are errors in your file - please correct them and try again”

In the ADIF upload response from SOTA, many of the times are colored red. I assume that indicates an error. But the times make sense. For example: 18:55 is red, then next QSO 19:04 is black.
Otherwise it looks like a good file to me.


I guess you know this page?


V2,G3WGV,G/LD-008,24/04/03,1204,7.0MHz,CW,G3NOH,,PSE QSL Direct
V2,G3WGV,G/SC-008,08/06/03,1407,7.0MHz,CW,DL0DAN/P,DM/BW-019,S2S entry
V2,G3WGV,,10/06/03,1023,432MHz,FM,G4TJC,G/SP-015,Simon (chaser entry)

Date format: DD/MM/YY

Common errors

  • Spaces in the callsigns. Our callsigns do not have spaces in them!
  • Date or time out of order. The input parser will show an error if the log is not in sequential order
  • Errors in the SOTA reference number. Spaces in the reference, leaving off the ITU prefix, or specifying a reference that does not exist will all result in an error being reported.

Thanks for your reply! I have never seen this page. I don’t see a link to it anywhere. I will compare to my file. Where do you see this link on the SOTA website?

I found the link now.

Problem solved.

The MacLoggerDX export seems to create a blank line in between each record. I don’t know why the ADIF export didn’t work.

When I remove the blank lines from the csv file and save again, SOTA accepts the upload.

Here is an example of my original csv file.
V2,K6TOR,W6/CC-063,26/09/2020,1841,14.285MHz,SSB,AI6KG,KX2 camp w scouts

It is not showing on this post, but the file contains a number of commas corresponding to the fields on the blank lines.

I guess the programmer behind MacLoggerDX would need some feedback on that.

73 Joe

Good point. I will let them know.

Hi guy’s,

I am new to SOTA and hoped you can confirm a suspicion. I sent an inquiry to SOTA but received a pretty stern response. I suppose that how it is. But as a new guy I’m just trying to follow the rules. My question:

I use HAMRS for log in POTA. I used it adif file for SOTA before seeing that CSV file is required. Is that why I got an error? And if I use CSV with HAMRS will I and have others used with success? Thank you in advance. KO^AFN “Huston” 73’s

ADIFs will work, you need to have the SOTA_REF (for chasing) or MY_SOTA_REF fields (for activating) output. If it doesn’t do those, then you can either use CSV format or FastLogEntry to generate that file.

Sotadata3 has details on the format.

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