SOTA Log Book does not open

Hi to all!

Lately I try to open and check the SOTA log books of F4JQV/P, Marc, and 4X6FB/P, Aaron, as a chaser, but they do not open.
Does anyone has any information what exactly happens? I would appreciate to know…
Thanks in advance!

73, Christos.

Neither of them have SOTA accounts. There are two main reasons this could happen:

  1. They never created accounts

  2. They created an account but didn’t set a home association and/or callsign and then ignored a bunch of emails from us, so we deleted the account.


Hello Christos! Nice to see your callsign. Is this what you are looking for?
You are in log of 3 Dec shown here:
You are in log of 17 Nov shown here:
73, Etienne-K7ATN

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Hello Etienne!

Thank you for the help, you and Josh, but as Josh explained, there is a problem with their accounts.
I have already informed both of them and I hope to correct their accounts.

And a new way opened for me:! I never used it, as a log book, and that was my difficulty to check from another corner the whole thing. Marc and Aaron
come from another generation, more educated in new

Everything is clear! Let it be real SOTA now!

73, Christos.

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