Sota-link Project Part. 2

I can see on the dashboard that I am attempting to connect to 973…

OK, Wade, you are on DMARC, I am on BM DMR. Can you program your radio for BM DMR? You will need a BM Repeater or Hot Spot that you can access.

I was trying to delay the buying of a hot spot a fair while…

Ill have a look around on APRS to see if there is any one other than the local DMR repeater.


I dont beleive that the local VK DMARC system allows that… You need to get onto BM DMR I think. Come up on 505 on DMARC and we can chat.

Unfortunately it seems that the various DMR systems are not connected (and some have fallen out with others). Much the same seems to have happened in the hotspot world. Internecine wars abound in the digital world.

They are great value. Compton has already had hours of fun with his :wink:


Hi Wade,
Here are the Brandmeister repeaters in AUS (please ignore the non-VK ones - I simply did a search on VK in the call signs):
[Click to enlarge]

If you have a beam you can attach to the HT point it at Gosford on 2 metres - VK2RAG is the DMR (actually multi-mode I think) repeater my club, the CCARC are running and take off from Somersby down to Canberra is quite good usually.

73 Ed.

P.S. My DMR HT should arrive tomorrow morning!!

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My DV4Mini has just arrived. I spent another wasted hour over lunch trying to get the DVMEGA to work as a bridge but failed again. I just hope that the DV4Mini will do the job.

Now resisting the urge to rush home to connect it up… If it works as I plan then that’s me done. Nothing else planned beyond needing someone with an existing Fusion node or repeater to host an FCS bridge. Any takers?

I’m sure this thread is just an amateur radio version of Mornington Crescent :-s


Burlington Official Rules, Paul? Or some other variant?

or Coronation Street ??

Has to be the Black Country Variation…

The link between Wires-X and the FCS reflector is now working. Getting it going proved to be very difficult indeed and yet the solution was very simple in the end. That means that the whole system should now work.

Last night my time, Fri AM UK time, I had a quick chat with G3CWI, Richard, in the UK, I was on BM DMR and he was on Fusion, looks like it is working as intended. Now to put it in action from a summit.

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I stopped watching that program when it moved from Channel 10 to the paid channels - but this is getting REALLY off topic!

I’ve just got my DMR-ID code confirmed, so I’ll be trying to get into the local Brandmeister DMR repeater over the next couple of days to see if I can get through to the SOTA TG.

73 Ed.

OK, let me know when you are on air on BM DMR TG973 and we can try a test.

Just spoke to Marshall VK3MRG on Fusion. looks like there are a few Australian stations getting interested.

Welcome to SA4BLM, GW1JFV, M0TNA, G4APO and G1UUO who appeared on SOTA-Link today.

Roland accessed using a Yaesu HRI-200 with a microphone (no radio needed).

During his activation of G/CE-001 Bob used a DV4mini connected to a Raspberry Pi connected to his mobile phone.

James accessed via his own Wires-X gateway.

Richard used his DMR HT and an openSPOT into FCS04-73

Lars used his new FT70D into a DV4Mini into the FCS reflector.

Regulars Chris 2E0MOW, Matt G8XYJ and Allan GW4VPX were welcome users today too.

I accessed the SOTA-Link system today from G/SP-004 today using an FT70D to connect to MB6AH in Stoke-on Trent.

FCS04-73, Wires-X 44050, DMR BM TG973.


Good to make contact in the SOTA-link room on Sunday Richard - as promised, here’s a picture of the set up I used to access the room:

Next step is to fit it all in a case with a larger battery pack to make it easier to carry

73 Bob