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I’ve moved the SOTA leaflet posts to this thread. Following the link, you can see there are several translations available. If there is no leaflet in your language and you want to translate it then please contact the MT.

Also, the new database is available in several languages now. Again, if your language is not available and you want to translate it, contact the MT.


I’d like a leaflet to give to people on summits who ask me what I am doing. They always seem to ask when I am carefully listening or trying to send morse. I probably seem very rude when I don’t answer them. Most of these people won’t even know what amateur radio is.

Hi Richard, Perhaps you need an RSGB leaflet rather than (or in addition to) a SOTA leaflet in that case. The SOTA ones (at least the German version) appears to me to be written based on the assumption that the people reading it understand what Amateur Radio is. so more a leaflet to give out at a hamfest than to the general public.

In Germany, the DARC have such basic leaflets that you can print out and those are what I give out to the people that come up and ask what I am doing on a summit. I expect the RSGB must have something similar.

73 Ed.

P.S. I agree questioning visitors always seem to come up at the most inconvient time.

I have prepared a leaflet in German which is meant as general information for visitors on summits. If anyone is interested I can easily pass on a PDF file of it. It was funded by the ÖVSV (the Austrian Amateur Radio Association).

73, Sylvia

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