SOTA LD Weekend 2021, 11-12 Sept 2021 - Part 2

Because I’m staying at a site at the very south of the LD I think I might try for the most southerly summits, Arnside Knott G/LD-058 and Hutton Roof Crags G/LD-052.

Gummer’s Howe G/LD-050 looks more attractive but parking for our 6m campervan might be tricky depending on how busy the Lake’s are that weekend. Whitbarrow - Lord’s Seat G/LD-056 is another possible but again parking is a bit limited I think.

We are moving to another site on Monday and I hope to do Blake Fell G/LD-031 on Tuesday or Wednesday as it can be walked to from the site.

Hi John, these are the four SOTA summits closest to my QTH and I’ve activated them many times including this year. Once you’ve decided which one(s) to activate on Saturday and Sunday, please let me know and I’ll pick one of the others so we don’t clash - I really don’t mind which.

73 Andy

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Will do, thank you. I’ll probably do HF but will have the kit for 2m FM from a Slim Jim. I’m not bringing a yagi.


Has anyone put their pack list together for the event yet?

I’ve got 4 radios, 4 antennas plus all the support kit for 60m-10m, 6m, 2m, 70cm and 23cm. I think a tripod for the 23cm Yagi might be the straw that breaks Andy’s back.

My modus operandi will be ‘camp out at one summit’ so I’m taking a tent and roll-up mat. Heaven knows how much this lot is gonna weigh. I guess I’ll find out soon enough. On the day, I hope I don’t fall asleep in the tent and miss the whole show just recovering carrying all this stuff up.


I competed a bit of a tongie in cheek report on my last hill. Round Hill in the wet G/TW-001 which includes a kit list and I’m going to take roughly the same, although as my planned route has 1000m of ascent I’ll try and keep the weight down. I’m hoping that there will be water at Coledale Hause between Grizedale Pike and Grasmoor so that I don’t have to carry too much liquid up the hill (the dog drinks loads…)
73 Paul

As we will be moving our temporary base in southern Scotland on 11th we have alerted to activate the quickest and easiest hill near our new base and also quite near to LD. This is See Morris Hill GM/SS-274 just outside Dumfries. (All subject to weather, travel etc.) In my quest to complete all the summits on the G list there are still two in LD to chase - High Raise, G/LD-019 and Low Fell, G/LD-042. Low Fell being close to the Western edge of LD should be good for 2m FM - near los as Woodhead Hill is only 18m higher than see Morris and both are a lot lower than Low Fell. I would also be hopeful of a good contact with High Raise.
I would do a pair of profiles but I can not get the SOTA mapping to profile across the border between GM and LD :unamused: In fact I can not get GM/SS summits to profile at all - the elevation box remains blank.
Anyway, if anyone has an inclination to activate either of these on 11th (or even 12th as, weather permitting, we will likely be on another summit near Dumfries) I would be pleased to make contact.
Edit - PS - both have high 2m counts and Vicki (M6BWA) made more than a dozen on both whch would have been 2m or 70cm FM.

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I am moving to a different campsite on the Monday which isn’t far from Low Fell. This means I could visit it on 14 or 15 September. I could use 2m but was planning on starting on HF.

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Maybe because it has a region centric view of SOTA?

Try this, High Raise on left, See Morris on the right.

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Thanks for the response, Andy. I still get:-

Notice: Undefined property: stdClass::$results in /var/www/html/sotamaps/range_tools.php on line 3931


Thanks for the reply, John. That would be very kind of you and I look forward to making contact. We expect to be doing some SOTA on the hills to the west of the Nidd valley most days during that week. It will be good to have a couple of weeks without the normal S5+ noise and I might even be able to hear you on HF.

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You will, nothing has changed on the map site. I used Anquet on my PC to generate that route profile.

I’ve just realised I’ve chased See Morris and have the complete and was going to suggest you do Woodhead Hill instead as I haven’t chased that. But both are dodgy looking paths for me if I’m on Old Man of Coniston. I’ll have something that does 70cms FM at least with me but I’m doubting that will work but we’ll see.

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I’m still building my radio equipment!! Almost there, just waiting for Mr Yodel to bring to some extruded aluminum enclosures.



Does anyone happen to know if the Kirkstone Pass car park (opposite the pub) has a height barrier on the entrance? If it does I may have to pick somewhere else to activate…


I’m in the process of putting together a tentative plan for the weekend, I’ll be driving up on the Friday staying in Barrow then departing on the Sunday.

I’ve put an alert up for G/LD-030 Black Combe for the Saturday, I plan to get up the top and be setup for 1200 and spend all the time up there. HF wise I’ll definitely have 80/40/20, 60 as well if I manage to add links onto the dipole before blast off using the FT-818. The FT2D and the arrow beam will be with me as well so 2/70 FM,C4FM and SSB are all available. I’ll have the KG-UV8G and a 4m vertical so hopefully there’ll be some 4M FM S2S possibilities.

Sunday I’m possibly looking at G/LD-032 Whitfell though we will have to see.

Friday will probably be a couple of one points on the south side of the lakes on the way to the hotel, G/LD-048 G/LD-049 G/LD-050 G/LD-056 are all possibilities.

No, there’s no height barrier on car park opposite the Kirkstone Inn. Lots of motorhomes have been using the car park.

73, Colin


Here’s the view from a soggy Red Screes G/LD-017


Great, thanks Colin. I’ve got a high top VW and occasionally get caught out. I’ve got a campsite booked between Kendal & Windermere for Friday and Saturday, looking forward to it!

73, Jonathan

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Not sure I’ve mentioned Saturday evening or not, but last time we descended on The Brookside which is very close to the centre of Windermere town (the one that isn’t close to the Lake with the one way system).

If you can let me know if you’re planning on coming Saturday evening via PM I’ll pass on numbers so there are no surprises. The food is good honest pub food. I’ll be there from, well, depends of course on activating, but certainly from 7pm onwards and quite possibly a bit before.

Regards, Mark.


Mark, I suspect this is is an impossible question but what’s parking like around there? Assuming I arrived in my 6m campervan. It isn’t massively wide, think delivery van. :slight_smile:

You’ll be fine, there is a pub car park and also the church car park next door. Both have no height restriction, or alternatively on street outside the church won’t upset anyone.

Of course you’ll have to give us all a tour :heart_eyes:


Thank you. I think I’ll contact the pub and see if we can stay overnight. :slight_smile:

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