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SOTA Lake District Weekend Date: 17-18 Sept 2022

Hi Tony
I hadn’t noticed your alert earlier. I have changed our one to do Lambrigg on Sunday. Hopefully we will get you on s2s. It should be a great weekend!


Hi Tony, you raise an interesting point about anyone else with a medical condition wishing to participate in this event. Don’t know if your factors are steepness, rockiness (e.g. having to make large steps up or down) or duration [or all of them!] but in my opinion there are several other LD summits which are as ‘easy’ or easier than Lambrigg Fell [which takes me ~30 minutes walk from the Roan Edge quarry entrance].

My local summit Arnside Knott G/LD-058 has a parking area near and on the west side of the summit (via a single-track road from Arnside town). It’s ~15 minutes ascent, rocky paths, some scree.
Little Mell Fell G/LD-037 is ~20 minutes, good path, mainly grassy.
Hallin Fell G/LD-043 is ~25 minutes, good path, mainly grassy.
Watch Hill G/LD-054 is ~25 minutes.

I haven’t walked all 55 G/LD hills so someone might suggest others.

regards, Andy

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I won’t be able to take part in the LD weekend this year, as I will be travelling and operating as I move around the FL/NO region that weekend. Its all booked now on Le Shuttle, B&Bs and a GIte for what is a pandemic postponement holiday with XYL Judy, that should have taken place in June 2021.

73 Phil


That’s a shame Phil, but it is a great excuse. I would suggest entering the challenges as a Lake District Lover but that might not go down too well with the XYL :innocent:

Regards, Mark.


Oh Okay Nick, I think we could have shared the bands on the same summit but as you say that’s an extra S2S for both of us, Cheers Tony

Hi Andy, Yes its a bit of everything as I have to avoid long walks, that are steep or craggy or worse Scree!
My Condition is so sporadic with Balance issues, Painful Muscle Spasms or just Global Pain, the problem with it is it does not have a timetable, so totally unpredictable as to when it will occur.
It even happens doing a small exercise walk round my local Park??

And today I have had to cancel my 2m Backpackers contest Activity weekend away at Longridge. I am writing this from my Hospital bed, rushed in to Hospital by Ambulance this morning, still waiting to see if they let me home tonight??? Fingers crossed please???

Thanks Tony


Tony, sorry to hear you ended up in hospital. Best wishes for a quick recovery and hope you are back on the hills soon.

73 Andy

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Back Home now Andy, I am a Frustrated Unreliable Non Activator at the moment. Its looking like another operation, but at least this one is NHS not the costly Private Types I had recently🙁
I will still continue to try activity, and its better now having the FT818 and LiPos instead of my Trusty FT897and its 12Ah SLAB👌[quote=“G8CPZ, post:27, topic:29376, full:true”]
Tony, sorry to hear you ended up in hospital. Best wishes for a quick recovery and hope you are back on the hills soon.

73 Andy

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I’m sure I can join in too. No idea where or when, I can barely work out what I’m doing on Tuesday at the moment and that’s tomorrow :slight_smile:



Me too. Although living locally and doing G/LD most weeks, I’ll wait until the last minute to see which summits have been alerted and pick a ‘free’ one.

I know the ‘what’ already: 2m FM for S2S’s with the visiting activators and 60/40/30/20m CW/SSB for the rest of the UK, EU and who knows the RoW.


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I became ‘semi-retired’, many nearly 20 years ago. I seem to end up with less time than I did when I was working full time. I’m sure you’ve heard it before, but work/jobs etc., take as long as the time available. Things that once took me a few minutes to sort out now take an hour or two. I guess not having to do things means there’s no hurry. Perhaps I’m just crap at managing myself?

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I think that you’ve hit the nail on the head. You tend to fill available time with stuff to do, if you’re that kind of person.

I also feel that I’m crap at managing time, but then I look back at the stuff I’ve done during the day and I don’t feel too bad.

I know that I’ll have a shock when I return to work, it’s been such a long time since I’ve done full time. I’ve worked part time for quite a while and currently I do one day a week.

Family circumstances meant that a move onto the edge of the Yorkshire Dales was necessary, leaving us isolated as a family with nobody to help with child care etc. I’m currently in the role of house husband. The situation isn’t helped by the fact that my sons have different school holidays, there’s often a week’s difference, as one school is quite near the Lancashire border and follows Lancastrian holidays, whilst the other school has North Yorkshire holidays, although both schools are in North Yorkshire!


Are they academies? There are four state primary schools in Ilkley. One of them often has different holidays as it is in a multi school academy based in Leeds, so it follows Leeds holidays instead of Bradford’s.

One is NY council school, the other is private.

I am planning on attending the LD event this year.
May stop somewhere other than Windermere this time.
Just activating on the Saturday, so I can spend Sunday with the XYL.
Mainly 2m but will take the SG labs + PCB antennas if anyone would like to try 23, 13 or 9cm.
If anyone is wanting to try 3cm, then I would suggest an easy summit on Friday afternoon / evening.
Currently not sure what time we can get away from work to travel up, so would confirm this closer to the date.


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I have my 23cm SG-Labs XVR, PCB antenna & cables in a repurposed BT headphones zip bag and when using it with a 2m FM HT, adds little extra weight and volume.

I’ll take mine for 23cm FM as you’re taking yours.


I have a base in Borrowdale for a week, so have posted some “in walking distance” summits for Sat and Sun with Knott on the way down. Then, if I survive all those I’ll target some others later in the week.
Hope to get 4m working this time after failing in March.



Anyone else planning to camp for this weekend?

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Why am I reminded of a certain Monty Python sketch of soldiers be very political incorrect whenever people say camp?

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Nope, I’m living it up in an Air b’n’b, all booked :grinning: this will be a big change for me! No driving or camping on a mountain! Luxury SOTA :rofl: