SOTA Lake District Weekend Date: 17-18 Sept 2022 (Part 2)

Cheers Andy, I’ll be on EI/IE-015 starting from around 11am BST for couple of hours. I’ve done Helvellyn on 2m FM 1/4 wave telescopic whip from Djouce in Wicklow few month ago, so it should work from Carlingford. Let’s make this happen!

Looks like you’ll be passing the mark buddy - few beers Saturday evening on the cards??

It’s been a mathematical struggle keeping below until Saturday :wink:. Hip flask of whiskey packed for on site celebrations! Bus service researched so hopefully a couple of beers over dinner too.


Sorry Mark I won’t be able to make it. I’m staying in Wasdale which is a tad too far (and I’ll be too knackered) to drive around to Windermere; and then back again. I’ll toast you all while sinking a few in the Wasdale Head!

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No worries Dave, that’s a hell of a trek having done it myself. You’ve got a pub on site anyway, nice!

Just a reminder that the challenges are available this weekend, see SOTA LD Weekend 2022 Challenges for more information. Can’t promise the same level of prizes as last time, but I’m sure we can russle something up :wink:

Regards, Mark

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6:40am: I’m looking at this bloated 11.5kg rucksack and thinking Is my old body ready to carry that thing up a G/LD summit in a few hours time?

Good luck everyone - it should be fun!


Same here, Just getting sustenance , We are heading up Sp-004 to try to grab as many from LD as possible.

Good Luck all and “Be Careful Out There”. Haha Hill Street Blues comes to mind there I think!

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What a day! :grin:. More later, my priority now is to get clean and sweet(er) smelling before dinner! Loads of activity both on the air and from interested members of the public (I gave them all your phone number Tom @M1EYP :wink:)


Same here, Well done to all, I managed a couple of S2S from LD on Shining Tor, more to follow. We are just heading to the Cock and Pheasant in Bollington, Elaine and I will “Raise a glass” to you all while having our Evening Meal :beers:
73 Tony


A great day on Scafell Pike (G/LD-001} and I even got roped into litter picking with Lyndsey (aka The Wasdale Womble) on the way up


Best day ever, 128 QSOs on 2m/17m/20m and 40m…and over 60 S2S

Thanks everyone and cheers from Wasdale Head


Nice to see you guys had a good time. I set off early with very high hopes but had to turn back due to car breakdown- serpentine belt rollers got proper shot :disappointed:. Annoyed/disappointed is a massive understatement.

I’ll try tomorrow again, hope the weather stays kind.

Well done everybody.

73 de 2E0TZG


Nice to catch you today from G/LD-041 Stuart .

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Folks, thank you all very much for answering my calls and returning CQs! About a dozen of Lake District summits are in the log from EI/IE-015 Sincere apologies to whoever I haven’t managed to log, especially Andy G6PJZ. Don’t know why, but I just didn’t heard Helvellyn at all, probably due to timing? Anyway, thanks for the great event !
73 de EI4JY

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No problem Alex. Glad you had a good day too. I had no phone signal which meant I couldn’t see who was on and where. I also missed all the Swiss activators. Still had lots of contacts. Log will have to wait til I get home (there are limits when living in a tent with only a mobile phone!)


Thanks Dave for sharing you report with great photos, :+1: :smiley:

cheers :beers:

Geoff vk3sq

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Sounds like you all had some good fun yesterday and am hoping today goes the same way!

Yesterday, I got up onto Beacon Batch (G/SC-003) and by 08:50z I had the EFHW for 40m connected to the FT817 and was calling CQ with MQ0XPO/P callsign. I was there for only 3.5hrs and managed to make the most of the OE SOTA w/end. It was a glorious setting:

In all, I made 52 QSOs (18 of which were s2s) and out of the G/LD party, I only managed to work GQ0WPO/P (G/LD-008) and G4IPB/P (G/LD-005) on 40m.

Am looking forward to reading more reports !!

73, Lea M0XPO


I’m sorry I couldn’t make it, too much happening last weekend and this weekend for me to get away.

I was delighted to work at least one LD participant today who was still QRV. Jonathan G4IVV/P was 59 from G/LD-015 with me when I nipped up Tinto GM/SS-064 today. I went up mainly for the exercise, when I reached the summit it was drizzling and there was lots of showers visible coming my way. A quick 2m FM activation was the result rather than deploying HF.

Tinto is a GM hill you can guarantee to activate on 2m FM with a simple aerial. Jonathan was fully quieting using his FT-5 and an improved rubber duck on to my old VX-170 using a J-pole on a 5m pole fed with about 5m of RG-174 (not a DX magnet antenna!) on a 115km path that is not LOS.

Hopefully, I can get to the next one.


It was great to catch you Andy, is there a Q code for “there’s water running off my log book?” :grinning: It was a tad damp up there, but pleased to complete my walk from Crummock Water back to Braithwaite. I can recommend the “Honister Rambler” bus service which dropped me right at the start of the trail.