Sota & iota ii

Joerg, DG0JMB, will be qrv from 4.8. to 10.8. on holiday on the island “Ruegen” from JO64.

Hello Friends,
During this time I will try to 20m, 40m, 80m and 2m to be QRV, JO64, IOTA island of Ruegen = EU057. Likewise, I try the summit as DM/ND-003 SOTA activation. It is, however, to a family vacation, but I try as often as I can to qrv.

Kind regards Jörg, DG0JMB

In reply to DG0JMB:

6-8-08 tomorrow if the weather suits and the family says ok, I DM/ND-003 on the EU057 (IOTA). UTC sometime between 16 & 19 clock.

QRG: 7-ssb / 144-SSB / 145-FM

will spotlite by HF !

Joerg, dg0jmb/p

In reply to DG0JMB:

thanks to all cheaser for the successful first activation:


and Fritz dl4fdm (nice to hear you)

nice regards from "ruegen island"
Joerg - dg0jmb

In reply to DG0JMB:

Hi Jörg,

Glückwunsch zur Erstaktivierung und
herzlichen Dank fürs ufb QSO!

Bin froh das es wenigstens von Zuhause in SSB klappt.
Als activator hab ich im Moment kein Glück mit SSB :frowning:

Vy73 und Gruß nach EU57
Fritz DL4FDM