SOTA international net - Saturday 17th September 1

1900z or 8pm UK time.

Echolink node 617001.

I am not anticipating any late dinner invitations this evening :wink:

But in the (very unlikely) event that I am not around at 8pm, then feel free to hold the node elsewhere and advise where on this thread!

Other than that, see you on 617001 at 8pm BST.


Still no surprises, and still here.

Is anyone joining me for the SOTA international net this evening?


In reply to M1EYP:
I’d be surprised if many do turn up, considering how little has been written of the event. I’ll certainly pop in for a chat, but I’m not sure I’ll have much to contribute…


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It will be a pleasure to speak with you Rob, and anyone else who is around.

Saturdays at 1900z is the regular time for this SOTA Echolink Net. It has been running for a few weeks now, except for last week when I was suddenly unavailable to host, and no-one else wanted to either.


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Can’t connect to you Tom.


What’s your node number?

“Technical” issues here tonight guys, but watch out for me next week!

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Thanks for running the net Tom. I enjoyed the discussions about routes and mountains. The net would be a great place for anyone new to SOTA to get a few tips.



My pleasure. It was a quieter net this week, but it seemed to be enjoyed by those that participated. Andy, I am not sure why you couldn’t connect, but you weren’t the only one. My settings appear to be OK, they allow conferencing and up to 50 users. Is your Echolink working OK for “normal” QSOs?

I am connected at the moment if you wish to give me a test call.

Somebody will need to step forward and offer to be host & N/C if there is to b a net this coming Saturday 24th September, as the Macclesfield SOTA contingent will be out celebrating M3EYP’s 19th birthday! (Hic!).