Sota in yahoo,groups

just asking has anyone else using sota in yahoo/groups, as of recent ive had a couple of e-mails that have been naughty and not sure if these are virus’s
just an example below


steven (m0sgb)

What appears to have happened here Steve, is that the two members concerned have had their email address books virused. This means that this sort of junk mail gets sent to everyone in their address books - and since the contribution email address for posts to the Summits Yahoogroup may well be in their address books, then every subscriber receives it!

Best thing to do is email those concerned directly and let them know they have been virused. I have removed the two posts from the archive.


In reply to M1EYP:
ok tom hny to you, cant remember who the first operator was but the last one was inky,
i do like to hear the reports from over the big pond,
best wishes to all,
steve m0sgb