SOTA in Tuesday night activity contests

Chasers may be interested to know that there were no less than four stations on from SOTA summits in this week’s 70cm UKAC. These were all, I understand, SOTA qualifying, and were 2E0DHT/P on Winter Hill G/SP-010, M3WDS/P on Cleeve Hill G/CE-001, G4VFL/P on Botley Hill G/SE-005 and a certain M1EYP/P on The Cloud G/SP-015. The week before (2m) saw M0BUL/P on High Vinnalls G/WB-012, and Robert GM4GUF/P is sometimes heard from Tinto GM/SS-049.

So while Tuesday nights might not seem the most natural time to be SOTA chasing, there is stuff out there, particularly for the VHF/UHF enthusiasts. Be aware though that there also tend to be stations on from familiar SOTA names (Winter Hill and Slieve Croob spring to mind), but they are not on the summit and/or not SOTA qualifying (operating from a vehicle, using a generator etc).


In reply to M1EYP:

For non-qualifying add Long Mynd, Pete operates from his car. If you mention SOTA he will tell you that it doesn’t qualify.


Brian G8ADD

It’s a shame the elements don’t point in this direction more often on 70cms and they could have IO70 as did GD8EXI when I worked him Tues eve,the guy in JO01 asked for a long over when he heard me and promptly dissapeared probably looking east. Don.

I will make sure I try harder in that direction Don, as IO70 would be an extra mult that I don’t normally get in all 3 VHF UKACs that I do. Although I do tend to spend a decent amount of time calling in the IO81 direction, which will be approximately right for you in IO70.

73, Tom M1EYP

In reply to G0RQL:

Don, I now have a lot more power available on 70cm if I’m not having to carry the PA to a SOTA summit, so I’ll look out for you on the next 70cm UKAC if I’m at my new improved site in IO86.


In reply to G0RQL:


I had my Antenna pointing in your direction for some of the contest (at the start and again later), but I heard nothing from IO70 - Same applies for last weeks 2m event !

Stewart G0LGS