SOTA in the Pico de Europa Mountain Range (EA1/CT-036)

Well the weather is now truly freezing and grim so here’s a SOTA activation in the sun to remind you of what nice weather looks like. This is my activation of Pico Jano EA1/CT-036 (1,446m 6 points) in the Pico de Europa mountain range in the north of Spain.

Thanks to the chasers who made the log on my meagre 2.5w SSB!

James M0JCQ (the tan has faded now in case you were wondering!)


Great report James - wish I had views (and Temperatures) like that today in G/WB.

73 Glyn

Glad you liked it Glyn. I am longing for that sunshine again as well. I’ve been working from home today and the central heating is on the blink so it’s been far from warm!

Hi James

Thanks for the report and the pics. I’m just itching to get going next month for Winter Bonus…Brrrr :slight_smile:

73 Allan GW4VPX

Good stuff James.
Night night.

Me too Allan. My wife is away with work at the start of December and I have a days holiday to use up, so I’ll be hitting mid-Wales from Friday 4th until Saturday 5th.

My only debate is whether I want to wild camp or take shelter in a nearby B&B, not too sure how brave I’m feeling at the moment!

73 James M0JCQ

I’ll be in F/PE region for 3rd-6th Dec. Most likely out on 3rd or 5th and any S2S contacts would be welcome.

Hmmm… After last weekend I reckon you would have to be brave… Yes. My bottom is still recovering from the cold. Apparently its due to get worse - the weather that is !

Great fun though James, giving me ideas.


Hi James

B&B every time for me these days…getting soft in my old age :slight_smile:

I’ve activated all possible winter bonus summits in GW/MW and GW/SW for this year so I hope if the weather is favourable to be out in G/WB…we might get a little s2s party going on that weekend …fingers crossed and an eye on the Alerts :smile:

73 Allan GW4VPX

Let me know what WBs you are doing! Whilst you’re on my patch, it would be good to go for a walk with you and Val! Can give you a guided tour, I am off work on Friday the 4th of December, was planning some SW 1 pointers, but they can wait.

73 Allan

Matt G8XYJ

Thanks Matt…I will text you tomorrow…73 Allan

Lucky you Andy! I’m planning to use 2m FM but will take the HF kit as well if I have time to linger on a summit.

Brave or stupid, probably the latter which I’ll realise at 3am when I can’t get to sleep due to sub-zero temperatures and a storm kicking up!

Yep fingers crossed Allan, it could be quite active for S2S’s due to the winter bonus just starting :smile:

Well I’m down in Avignon for work the following week so it’s not really costing me much to go early and see my sister for a few days, say a couple of bottles of Malt and hiring a car. I was going to hire a car in Avignon but the cheapest was about £140 for a Fiat 500 for 4 days which was a bit steep. However, I spotted they had Berlingo vans for £61 for the same period. I got the van and will be “homme de la camionnette blanche” for a week and will drive accordingly! :slight_smile: