Sota in the middle of the Sea ! Panarea Island I/SI-268 (Punta del Corvo)

Today I did perhaps my best sota activation of this last period, incredibly done on an Island!
I am lucky enough to be on vacation on the island of Panarea, in Sicily, and I discovered that here too there is a sota peak that could be activated. It is I / SI-268 Punta del Corvo which is located on the highest point of the island at 421 meters above sea level.

To reach Punta del Corvo I walked an hour on a beautiful path that starts from the sea and arrives in a fantastic place. At the top the view is incredible, you are in front of the island of Stromboli where there is an active volcano and the other islands such as Lipari and Salina can see us. I mounted my usual radio station with longwire antenna and Zm-2 tuner and a RS-918 SDR transceiver on top.

The propagation was not the best, low signals and a lot of noise, in the end I did 18 qso in SSB and CW on 30/20/17 meters with two S2S with @HB9GVW and @OK2PDT . It was very strange to do radio and to be around only the sea, from the top of Punta del Corvo it seemed to be on board a ship !!
After the activation I took the time to enjoy this beautiful place and then I went down to the village of San Pietro and it is located in the lower part of the island of Panarea. I hope my photos can convey the beauty of this place to you

73 de IW0HK Andrea


Nice to contact you, Andrea, in a difficult QSO (very low signals but power of CW!).

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Funny, I was just looking at Turtle Island (BV/YI-034), here on the east coast of Taiwan, which is also a SOTA peak. Been there before, but didn’t climb up the stairs to the top. Next time I will.

Congrats on the activation. Good job!


yes…i discover why hf condition was so bad:

*"the solar flare will lead to a GS class geomagnetic storm on April 14 that could cause a radio blackout"…

tnx fer qso ! 73 And IW0HK

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